Online Intercultural Awareness and Cross Cultural Training

Online Cultural AssessmentOnline education or e-learning is become an increasingly attractive and popular method of training and education within businesses and organisations.

In addition to our range of cross cultural courses, we also provide online intercultural / cross cultural training for businesses.

We have partnered up with the innovative designers of Argonaut© and use this platform for the basis of our online coaching, training and development.

Cultural Awareness Online

Arganaut© has been developed with the needs of international businesses in mind, offering expatriates, managers, HR personnel, international teams and global business travellers with access to a range of online tools and resources, helping raise intercultural awareness.

Argonaut© uses a number of online tools which are designed to analyse and highlight cultural differences in working practices and communication styles. It follows the following unique features:

  • Self-analysis assessment tool - provides gap analysis between user's and target culture Online exercises - under the supervision and guidance of a mentor the user partakes in learning simulations
  • Resources - access to a wealth of online information covering a range of cross cultural issues
  • User Participation - use of an interactive forum to discuss questions and concerns
Working with the Argonaut© tool we incorporate our own input, resources, skills and know-how to ensure the online cultural awareness course focuses on those areas you deem important.

Online Culture Coaching

For a brief overview of the tool please click here for a PowerPoint Presentation »Argonaut© Online

As add-ons to the online platform we also provide:

  • Mentors - a cross cultural expert is allocated to an individual/group to ensure users navigate the online tools appropriately, provide a needs analysis, coach the users through their specific requirements and act as a point of contact for general questions.
  • Resources - we supply our own information to complement that already available at Argonout© either expanding upon information or providing more specific insights.
  • One-to-One time - through internet technology users have virtual access to mentors through webcams.

The aim of our online cultural awareness training is to help people use cultural differences as a positive vehicle towards greater business success as opposed to these becoming an obstacle.

For more information on our online intercultural training please contact us.

Overview of Argonaut ©

Argonaut© has a lot to offer as an online tool but can be summed up in the following four steps.

Step One:

Start off with Argonaut's "Interactive Study Guide" which leads you through the first steps to improve your cross-cultural skills.

Step Two:

Argonaut© provides you with powerful cultural assessment tools to strengthen your skills. Choose the culture you are interested in, do the assessment of any of the 55+ cultures, being updated and expanded regularly.

Step Three:

"Learn about Cultures" enables you to focus on neglected topics helping you to strengthen your competence in working with your global partners.

Step Four:Online Negotiation Training

Enhance your skills to negotiate globally with "Global Negotiator" enabling you to ...
  • play through negotiation schemes
  • master cultural distinction in negotiation styles
  • build trust
... and make negotiations prosperous for both sides
  • Enhance your horizon with cultural knowledge
  • Cope with universal and culturally specific matters
  • Achieve a high level of multicultural negotiation skills
  • Self-awareness is the key to succeed, get to know your and cultural behaviour of others better

To find out how our online cultural awareness tool can benefit you or your organisation please contact us