Cantonese Online Language Tuition

The advantages of online Cantonese tuition

Online tuition through Skype is a powerful means of providing Cantonese tuition to corporate and private clients who require results fast. It offers unrivalled flexibility in allowing lessons in any language to be delivered to any worldwide location, any day of the week, any time of year.

Added advantages include fixed, economical rates, avoidance of additional costs such as trainer travel expenses, and access to our global network of trainers which means that we can select the very best trainer for you irrespective of location.

Whether you’re on the move or simply require a language learning solution that fits your busy schedule, online Cantonese tuition is an excellent choice for professionals.

Online Cantonese course

You can expect your online Cantonese classes to cover:

  • General language tuition
  • Practical conversation skills
  • Listening, reading & writing skills
  • Grammar
  • Pronunciation
  • Comprehension
  • Vocabulary
  • Specific business or industry Cantonese (if requested)
  • Any other aspect of Cantonese language and culture that you request

Online language training via Skype is ideal for 1:1 tuition and also 2:1 tuition in the case where both participants share the same level and goals. The beauty of this is that your course is entirely geared to you and you can dictate exactly what you want to cover, how you want to learn and what you hope to achieve – resulting in rapid, efficient progress.

All you need in order to participate in online Cantonese lessons is a computer with fast broadband, a microphone and a webcam.

Please contact us on training@kwintessential.co.uk to find out more or book your online Cantonese course.