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Website Translation in all World Languages

website design services londonPackage four offers you a website translation into any world language not covered in any of the other three packages we offer. This includes Bengali, Dari, Farsi, Hindi, Korean, Somali, Thai and Urdu.

Under this package we will provide you with 5 new pages on your website in your chosen language for only £300 + VAT.

For this terrific price we will do the following:

1 - Offer a first-class translation of up to 1000 words for your new foreign language pages.
2 - Design the new pages using your current template. 
3 - Upload the site to your server for you.
4 - Make sure it is fully functional.
5 - Add a link from your home page to the new translations.

Literally all we need from you are the text you want translated and the details to upload the new pages - that's it!

To take advantage of this fantastic offer please contact a member of the Kwintessential team.