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Multilingual Export Services

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Export help for businesses

Export and trading internationally is crucial for business development today. Expanding your services and your business abroad is essential for future growth.

Language and culture have consistently proved to be stumbling blocks for companies seeking exporting into new markets. Not any more...not with our export services.

Having worked with exporting companies for years, we have developed a range of export services aimed specifically at supporting exporters.

All of them help find new opportunities abroad through an appreciation of the local language and culture. Whether it’s translating and designing your packaging, setting you up with your own virtual assistant to deal with orders in Italian or some cultural awareness training to seal the deal in Dubai, we are here to help.

Translation Services

  • Websites
  • Business materials
  • Labelling & packaging
  • Marketing messages

  • Business meetings
  • Sales pitches
  • Research trips abroad
  • Telephone interpreting
Cultural Awareness

  • Etiquette & protocol
  • Communication skills
  • Neogtiation & sales
  • Remote & virtual working

Export Marketing

  • Campaign consultancy
  • PR and social media
  • PPC campaigns
  • Landing page design
Export Research

  • Multilingual researchers
  • Reports & bespoke projects
  • Competitor & sector analysis
  • Online social listening
Export Sales

  • Multilingual telemarketing
  • Virtual administrators
  • Virtual sales executives
  • Sales localisation

Say “yes” to export success!

If you have any specific requirements then please do not hesitate to contact us on (+44) 01460 279 900 or email [email protected]

Export Sales: Driving International Trade

How can we help you boost your export sales? Below are our most sought after services that exporters find of most value to their international export business.

Translation Services for Export

Our translation service knows export inside out. We can deal with any language, any format, any deadline and any request. We are the A-Z translation company that love to get you exporting.

Website Translation for Export

The internet and search engines are the primary means of finding and selling export services and products. Attracting a new audience through a website in a foreign language is key to global exporting success.

Multilingual Research for Export

Our researchers can support your export drive through researching potential foreign markets, sectors, competitors, suppliers, etc. Anything you want researching, we get done.

Multilingual Telemarketing for Export

For companies or organisations running telemarketing campaigns abroad or in foreign languages we can help with telemarketers. We find, hire, train or recruit people to get selling for you.

Cultural Awareness for Export

Exporting into foreign markets means the need to work, communicate, sell and do business with other cultures. Do you know an average of 20% of export companies cite cultural differences as a reason for lost business?

Multilingual Virtual Assistants for Export

Exporters need to be able to sell in foreign languages. Our innovative new service helps them set up virtual offices in target countries for minimum outlay.

Multilingual Marketing for Export

For marketing and communications strategies abroad let us help you with our expertise and experience. We understand how to localise campaigns and materials to get the best out of your export campaign.

Whatever your export need - as long as it relates to language, culture, design or localisation - we can help.

Just call us to discuss what you are looking to achieve and we will make sure it happens!