French, Spanish, Italian and German Website Translation | Multilingual

French, Spanish, Italian and German Website Translation

Foreign Language Web DesignPackage one covers the main European languages of French, Spanish, Italian and German.

For the price of only £250 + VAT we will provide you with the following:

1 - The translation of up to 1000 words of text. If you do not have any text, then you can always take advantage of our copywriting service
2 - The designing of a "microsite" with the newly translated pages - this will be up to 5 pages
3 - The uploading of the new pages to your site
4 - Checking over of the new website pages to ensure they are fully functional
5 - Incorporation of the new "microsite" into the existing site through links

This is an incredibly hassle-free service at a very competitive price.

Literally all you need to do is:

1 - Give us the text for the new pages
2 - Let us have the necessary details to upload the translated pages to your site (ftp details)

And that's it!

Please contact us now to take advantage of this great opportunity to establish a multilingual internet presence.