Welcome to the world map of internet penetration. Although the internet is an increasingly global phenomenon, many parts of the world still have less that 1% of their population online. To discover the internet penetration percentage of a country simply hover over it.

Source:The statistics come from various qualified sources, mainly from data published by Nielsen//NetRatings , ITU , and other trustworthy sources. All data was provided by Internet World Stats

The percentages refer to the percentage of a country's population that use the internet. As we can see from the map many European countries, North America and Australia have penetration at over 50%. Many African countries still have less that 1% penetration.

The map also gives us some clues as to where internet usage still has room to grow. In many European countries and the USA it has been said that internet usage has flat lined. However, if we look at countries like India (4.5%) and China (8.5%) it is clear that once the technological infrastructure improves these numbers will greatly increase.

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