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Website Localization and Internationalization Services

Website Localization ServiceReady to take your website global?

Website localization (#l10n) or internationalization (#i18n) is the process of preparing your website for use on a global scale across languages, cultures and online behaviours. 

We don’t just translate – we localize!

Website translation is only one step in the process of taking a webiste international. Simple translations of website copy is easy for us but localization is a whole lot more for your money! We look at every aspect of your website to make sure it behaves as people will expect when navigating through it in their own country.

Call us today to discuss what you need and how we can help.

Areas we cover in any website localization service includes:

  • Content and Language – do all the words, phrases and metaphors work in the target culture? Localization adapts language, style, tone and message to suit the target locale.
  • Pictures – Will your target audience expect lots of text or images? If images then we need to look at how they are used. Would a picture of a lady in a bikini drinking vodka be appropriate in a Muslim country?
  • Navigation – do all cultures look at a website in the same way? No. The Western eye does one thing and the Eastern another. Good navigation is about good usability and localization has to adapt to local expectations to ensure visitors stay and your site.
  • Data – remember not everyone thinks in Dollars and Euros. Localization looks at on-site data such as dates, times, currencies, phone numbers, units of measurement, forms and much more.

If you need your site reviewed as part of your internationalization plans, please give us a call. We’d love to help!

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Website Translation

International Website Designers

If it’s just the translation of your website you need then we have the experience, people and processes to make this happen. All we need is the text to be translated along with all meta information and the languages you are targeting. Whether your site is static or on a CMS, we offer a hassle-free website translation service.

User Experience Testing (UXT)

User Experience Tester

When designing a website most agencies or designers will do so through their own cultural lenses. User Experience Testing allows for feedback from a foreign audience on the navigation, look, feel and experience of your website ensuring that when launched abroad, it hits the mark 100%.

Mobile Commerce

Arab man e-commerce mobile phone

Most personal internet browsing is carried out on mobiles and smart phones today. Mobile Commerce allows businesses to reach this audience quickly and effectively. As part of our overall website internationalization service we help with the design and development of mobile websites, whether commercial or a simple mobile version of your website.

Online Retail

Online Retail Localization

Online Retail has exploded and companies are clocking onto the potential of going global through website localization. We have been working with online retailers in helping produce fast and cost effective translations, expert consultancy over global online behaviours and pratical marketing solutions to help get their products & services noticed.