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Video Localization – Foreign Language Subtitles and Voice Overs

Video Localization ServicesWe’ve got the solution to your video localization needs!

Whether you have videos for e-learning, training, marketing or anything else we can help localize them for a foreign audience.

If you have a video to be broadcast abroad or at a non-English speaking audience you have a few options in terms of localization.

You could re-shoot the video from scratch with foreign actors, use a voice-over artist or stick to simple subtitles.

All have their own benefits, own challenges and own costs. We offer both voice-overs and subtitling as part of our overall offering; included within these are other elements such as transcription and translation which are both part of the overall localization process.

Need your video localized?

  • Firstly, think through what you want from your completed video, the language(s) needed and the budget available.
  • Secondly, give us a call and we will talk you through the rest.

Video Subtitling

Subtitling is the most cost-effective way of localizing a video. We produce a transcript of the original video which is then translated in a culturally-sensitive manner to ensure maximum impact. This is then fixed to time codes and a technician makes all the subtitle magic appear. We can deliver your video on a DVD or electronically.

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Video Voice Overs

Voice overs (also known as "dubbing") offer that little bit more in terms of localization than subtitles. We work with our clients in choosing the most suitable voice over artists to work on their videos, bringing the right tone, wording and language to speak to your new audience.

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Video Transcription

Transcription is an important part of video localization as it lays the foundation for any script re-working or the translations for subtitling. Working with media houses for the past 8 years we have learnt a lot about transcription and boast some world class processes as a result. Our transcribers deal with all languages, all scripts and all videos.

If you need a transcription, simply give us a ring.

Subtitles vs Voice Overs?

If you are unsure whether to localize using subtitles or a voice-over, have a read of this article from KFTV called Subtitling vs. dubbing: Things you need to take into consideration.