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Our team of Urdu translators are second to none. Each has been handpicked for their experience, know-how and specialisation. All are dedicated professionals that go all-out to make sure our customers are 100% satisfied with their 100% accurate Urdu translations.


About the Urdu Language


Urdu is the common tongue of Pakistan, and has been its official language since the state’s founding in 1947. It is also an official language recognised in the Constitution of India. Most of its 100 million speakers live in these two countries, but some also live in the US, UK and United Arab Emirates.


Originally from India, the language is a Persianised, standardised form of Hindustani influenced by Arabic and Turkish. Most commonly associated with Muslims of the Indian subcontinent, it also boasts major literary works by Hindu and Sikh writers.


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Urdu Translation


Kwintessential are the Urdu translation professionals. Our team of expert Urdu translators will address all your translation requirements, offering a quick, straightforward service.


Over ten years of professional experience as an agency guarantees results – you will receive your Urdu translation at the time and in the format you need. As Urdu is written right to left, we will be able to advise you with any formatting of documents you may require.


Our Urdu Translators


We deal with both English to Urdu translations as well as Urdu to English. We handle jobs of any size, in any subject matter. Our team deal on a daily basis with presentations, business letters, contracts, handbooks, guides, websites and many more. In terms of subject matter, we can deal with legal, scientific, technical, academic, financial, environmental or any other topic.


Our strict policy of only using native speakers for translations means we assure quality. A native Urdu speaker will only work on an English to Urdu translation and a native English speaker from Urdu to English. By doing so, we provide our clients with smooth, accurate and culturally attuned translations.


Simply put, for Urdu translation, Kwintessential are the people to rely on.


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Kwintessential are an accredited translation agency based in London. All our work is inspected and cross-checked to international standards.


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