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Kwintessential offer high-quality Norwegian translations into and from English language at reasonable prices. Our translators are native speaking and outstanding in their field.


The Norwegian Language


There are two official versions of Norwegian: Bokmål (or “book tongue”) and Nynorsk (or “new Norwegian”). Bokmål is largely Norwegianised Danish, Nynorsk is a more purist Norwegian based on local dialects. A body called the Språkrådet or Norwegian Language Council regulates the two forms.


Bokmål remains the spoken language of most of Norway’s 4.6 million people, with the exception of the Sami people in the North. Norway’s policy of using spelling reforms to combine the two versions into one language, Samnorsk, was abandoned it in 2002, leaving a wide range of varieties of both.


Swedish, Danish and Norwegian combine a range of dialects, and speakers of these languages can largely understand each other. Norwegian is one official language of the Nordic Council. Under the Nordic Language Convention, citizens can use their native language when interacting with any Nordic country’s official bodies without incurring charges for translation or interpretation.


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Outstanding English to Norwegian Translations


Kwintessential’s Norwegian translations group have worked with major corporate and other organisations over many years. We offer a rapid, easy-to-use translation service and have the understanding and practical experience to deliver.


Our Norwegian translators are outstanding in their field and make sure their clients are content with what they produce. We can promise first-rate Norwegian translation at the right time and to your specifications.


Comprehensive Norwegian Translation Service


We deal with English to Norwegian and Norwegian to English translations.


Our translators process a variety of materials including letters, brochures, handbooks, articles, manuals, guides, legal texts, novels and many others.


We only ever use native speakers to translate. For an English to Norwegian translation, a Norwegian translator would always be assigned. This ensures the highest quality work by providing precision in terms of style, terminology, fluency and cultural accuracy.


For any Norwegian translation task, use Kwintessential. No other comes close.


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Kwintessential are an accredited Norwegian translation agency based in London. All our work is inspected and cross-checked to international standards.


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