Latvian Translation Services

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Latvian Translation Services Built on Success


If you are looking for a first-class Latvian translation company you are in for a nice surprise. We offer top-quality translations between English and Latvian, carried out by professionals at the apex of their field and supported by a dedicated team of project managers offering our clients unbeatable customer service and translation services.


What can we translate to Latvian?


We offer translations (from Latvian into English as well as into English from Latvian) of any text from business documents to Powerpoint presentations to brochures to websites.


When you use our Latvian translation service you can rest assured that you will receive back your document on time, in the right format and at the best price.


Why use our Latvian Translation Agency?


Simple, we:


  • Offer a convenient one-stop Latvian translation service including multilingual DTP
  • Guarantee top-class work
  • Provide unrivalled customer service
  • Monitor the marketplace to ensure our costs remain competitive


When having a translation carried out it is important to know who will be doing the work. We have an experienced team of translators that have been hand-picked due to their expertise. Each one brings to the team many years of translation experience plus a specific skill in terms of providing specialist knowledge of subjects ranging from business to law to engineering.


How does the Latvian Translation Service Work?


To provide you with a quote we need to know the length of your text or document. If you know the word count of your document then please proceed to contact us to get an instant price for your translation. Otherwise please send us the document via email, fax or as a scan; we will then be able to run a word count for you.


Once we have a word count we can quote you a price, offer you a delivery date. Upon agreement, we start the work and deliver in the format requested.



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