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Whether you’re looking for translations regarding a legal document or an international strategy, you’ll always receive high-quality Italian translations with Kwintessential.


About the Italian Language


Italian is a major European language, with 85 million speakers worldwide. It is one of the official languages of the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) and one of the working languages of the Council of Europe.


Italian has official status in Italy, Switzerland, San Marino, Vatican City and western Istria (in Slovenia and Croatia). It also has many speakers in Albania, Malta and Monaco, East and North Africa and in large Italian communities in Australia and the Americas.


Italian used to be a Florentine upper-class literary language based on Tuscan but was adopted as an official language after the Unification of Italy in 1861. At the time, fewer than 3 percent of people in Italy could speak standard Italian. Along with Sardinian, it is the closest of the Romance languages to Latin, borrowing much of its vocabulary from written and Church Latin.


Dialects include Tuscan, Abruzzese, Pugliese, Umbrian, Laziale, Central Marchigiano, Cicolano-Reatino-Aquilano and Molisano.


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Italian Translations at Kwintessential


Why settle for any English to Italian translation when you can have the best?


We offer a complete convenient, first-rate and intelligently priced Italian to English or English to Italian translation.


Kwintessential’s experienced team of Italian translators will take care of all your Italian translation needs, offering you a no-nonsense, cost-effective one-stop translation solution.


Our Italian translators are at the apex of their industry and strive for customer satisfaction.


We guarantee you will receive your top-notch Italian translation how you want it and when you want it.


A complete A-Z English to Italian Translation Service


We handle both English to Italian translation and Italian to English. All our translators are native speakers and will always translate into their mother tongue – so an Italian speaker will translate into Italian and an English speaker will translate into English. This ensures the finest quality work.


Our translators deal with a range of materials including letters, brochures, handbooks, articles, manuals, guides, legal documents, novels and much more. We handle materials from all manner of specialist fields including legal, engineering, marketing, business, IT and academic documents.


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