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Our German translators are at the apex of their industry and strive for customer satisfaction. We guarantee you will receive your top-notch German translation how you want it and when you want it.


About the German Language


German is the mother tongue of 95 million people worldwide, the most commonly spoken language in the EU and the second most commonly-used scientific language. One in ten books is published in German. It is not only the national language of Germany, but is also widely spoken in Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Denmark and Luxembourg.


There is a great variety of German dialects, but “Standard German” is considered the highest form. It developed from the chancery of Saxony, gaining acceptance as the written standard in the 16th and 17th centuries. It shares a lexical similarity of 60% with English and 29% with French.


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German Translation by Kwintessential


Want an outstanding and judiciously priced German to English or English to German translation? Kwintessential are here to help.


Our experienced German translators have been dealing with multinational companies for years. Our experience and know-how ensure we will cater to all your German translation requirements, providing a quick and simple translation service.


We are widely considered leaders in our field, and strive for customer satisfaction. We guarantee you will receive your top-notch German translation how you want it and when you want it.


A-Z English to German Translation Services


We provide our clients with both English to German translations and German to English. Note that a translator will always translate into their native tongue – so a native German speaker will translate into German and an English speaker will translate into English. This ensures we produce work of the highest standard.


Each day our translators handle a range of documents, including letters, brochures, handbooks, articles, manuals, guides, legal texts, novels and much more. All translators specialise in one or more specific fields, allowing us the expertise to handle legal, engineering, marketing, business, IT and academic documents.


In short, for German translations, Kwintessential are the company you can trust.


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Kwintessential are an accredited translation agency based in London. All our work is inspected and cross-checked to international standards.

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