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Although predominantly spoken in Turkey, the Turkish language appears in many forms across Central Asia in countries such as Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan and Tajikistan. Turkish is important not only as the language of politics, trade and commerce in this region but also of religion. Many Islamic texts are written in Ottoman and Turkish.

At present Turkish is becoming of increasing international importance as it strengthens its economy, promotes commercial ties abroad and seeks EU accession.

If you plan to travel to, live in or with Turkey we can provide you with quality, focused and personalised Turkish lessons.

If you want to learn Turkish as an individual or are a company wishing to provide Turkish lessons to your staff, then Kwintessential can see to all your language learning needs.

We provide Turkish teachers for one-to-one lessons and/or group learning. Our experienced and professional Turkish teachers tailor courses to help you learn Turkish in the most effective way possible.

If you wish to learn Turkish from scratch, we offer general language lessons focusing on building up your Turkish steadily over a period of time.

If you want to improve upon your existing Turkish we can help by developing areas such as conversation, reading or writing.

Many people are learning Turkish for career related reasons. After analysing your requirements, we tailor lessons to meet your business or career related needs. If you work in a specific sector such as energy, oil or gas, we focus on developing your Turkish with this in mind. The lesson content and materials will all help you learn Turkish that is relevant to your job or career.

Turkish Tuition London

As a London based company, we have an extensive network of Turkish teachers in and around the London area. Although the majority of our Turkish teaching takes place in London we can and do offer lessons to those wishing to learn Turkish in other areas of the UK.

If you would like to learn Turkish and require a first-rate, professional and bespoke service, then please email or call our sister company Mayfair Tutors on 0207 665 6606 to further discuss your needs.