Italian Lessons London & UK

The importance of Italian in business

With Italy one of the world’s top economies, Italian is spoken in many international companies and is especially beneficial for businesses dealing with the arts, design, cuisine, tourism, manufacturing and transport.

It always pays to know the client’s language, and knowledge of Italian is particularly appreciated among the many international firms who do business with and have offices in Italy. Italian is one of the easiest global languages to learn and is a useful gateway to other Romance languages.

Italian language training in London, the UK & worldwide

In partnership with Cactus Language Training, Kwintessential (Consulting) provides high quality Italian tuition to individuals and businesses throughout the UK, Italy and across the globe.

We have an established network of professional, native speaker Italian trainers who are highly skilled in delivering 1:1, 2:1 and small group Italian lessons for general and specific industry needs.

We will work with you to deliver the very best Italian course for your needs, based on your:

  • Lesson objectives
  • Desired end goals
  • Time available
  • Learning style
  • Level
  • Budget

Italian course format

  • Face-to-face courses are excellent for 1, 2 or more participants
  • Training via Skype is suitable for 1 or 2 participants and offers maximum flexibility
  • Lessons can take place in your home or office, in the UK and/or worldwide
  • You tell us when and how often you want your classes to take place
  • We select the trainer best suited to you, your industry, your required accent and location
  • Course content is entirely geared to you and delivered in a context that is relevant to you
  • Your course is monitored throughout to ensure that you are gaining optimum results

Italian course prices

Italian tuition costs vary according to your location, course format and number of participants. However, all our prices are inclusive of course materials, an initial consultation and all teacher and administrative costs.

For a more detailed quote and further information about Italian courses, please contact us on training@kwintessential.co.uk.