Hindi Lessons London & UK

The importance of Hindi in business

With Hindi spoken by over 400 million people worldwide, the Hindi-speaking population represents a massive global market segment. India is growing at an outstanding rate and corporations looking to expand their operations into South Asia are increasingly requiring knowledge of Hindi coupled with an understanding of Indian culture.

One of the oldest languages in the world, it is also one of the easiest and most logical languages to learn: it is written from left to right, words are written as they are pronounced and English speakers will find many similarities between English and Hindi.

Knowledge of Hindi undoubtedly enhances business relations in the many countries and regions where it is spoken.

Hindi language training in London, the UK & worldwide

Kwintessential (Consulting) provides tailor-made Hindi tuition to individuals and businesses in the UK, India and worldwide. High quality training is delivered by leading language specialist Cactus Language Training.

Our Hindi courses take the form of 1:1, 2:1 or small group training, and can be delivered as general language training or training specific to your industry or business. We work with a vast network of qualified and experienced Hindi teachers, and will carefully select the trainer most suited to you.

Your Hindi course will be designed according to your:

  • Lesson objectives
  • Desired end goals
  • Time available
  • Learning style
  • Level
  • Budget

Hindi course format

  • Face-to-face courses: excellent for 1, 2 or more participants
  • Training via Skype: suitable for 1 or 2 participants and fully flexible
  • You tell us where, when and how often you would like your classes
  • Lessons can be delivered in your home or office, anywhere in the world
  • We select the trainer best suited to you, your industry, your required accent and location
  • Course content is entirely geared to you and delivered in a context that is relevant to you
  • Your course is monitored throughout to ensure that you are gaining maximum results

Hindi course prices

The cost of Hindi classes varies according to your location, course format and number of participants. However, all our prices are inclusive of course materials, an initial consultation and all teacher and administrative costs.

For a more detailed quote and further information about Hindi courses, please contact us on training@kwintessential.co.uk.