Dutch Lessons London

Dynamite Dutch Lessons

One of the official languages of the European Union, Dutch is spoken in the Netherlands and in Belgium. If you plan to work in the Netherlands or with the Dutch, it is important that you learn Dutch if you wish to be successful.

If you want to learn Dutch or are a company wishing to provide Dutch lessons to your staff, then Kwintessential can see to all your language learning needs.

Dutch Courses in London

We provide Dutch teachers for one-to-one lessons and/or group learning. Our staff can come to your office/home to deliver lessons ot we can host lessons in a private room in our central London Language Centre.

Our experienced and professional Dutch teachers tailor courses to help you learn Dutch in the most effective way possible.

If you wish to learn Dutch for personal or travel related reasons, we offer general language lessons focusing on building up your Dutch or developing areas such as conversation, reading or writing.

Many people learn Dutch for career related reasons. If so, we analyse your requirements and tailor lessons to meet your business or career related needs. If you work in a specific sector such as insurance, banking or finance, we focus on developing your Dutch with this in mind. The lesson content and materials will all help you learn Dutch that is relevant to your job or career.

As a London based company, we have an extensive network of Dutch teachers in and around the London area. Although the majority of our Dutch teaching takes place in London we can and do offer lessons to those wishing to learn Dutch in other areas of the UK.

If you would like to learn Dutch and require a first-rate, professional and bespoke service, then please email or call our sister company Mayfair Tutors on 0207 665 6606 to further discuss your needs.