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Learning a foreign language is of great importance in today's world, yet research has consistently pointed to a lack of foreign language skills in the UK. Future success in the global economy, both at an individual and national level, is very much dependent on encouraging language learning at schools and in the workplace.

Learning a foreign language is a key element of cross cultural communication. It not only allows for dialogue in another's tongue but also gives an insight into foreign cultures, promoting understanding and mutual respect.

First-Class Tuition

With so many companies offering language lessons in London, why come to us? Simple...

  • We cover all major world languages
  • We teach all levels from beginners to advanced
  • Lessons are always tailored to meet the client's specific needs
  • We give you all your course books and material for free
  • All our tutors are top-notch people with great experience
  • Tuition can be at home/office or delivered lessons in our exclusive London Centre

Tailored Lesson Structure

At Kwintessential, we take a flexible approach to our work and ensure that considerable time and energy is invested into the creation of lessons which are tailored to meet the individual needs of clients.

Prior to course commencement, a our Course Manager will meet with the learner to help them identify their lesson objectives and clarify their needs; focussing on their individual strengths and weaknesses with the language, if any.

Lessons are then developed using course books, industry/sector related materials and modern media such as radio programmes, newspapers and business journals.

Distinguished Language Tutors

Kwintessential's foreign language teaching staff are all established professionals with many years experience. The majority have both English and the target language as mother tongues. All are qualified and have excellent interpersonal and communication skills. Due to the diverse backgrounds of our clients, strong cultural awareness and a demonstrated background of working across cultures is key.

Exclusive Lessons in London

Lessons are delivered only on a private one-to-one basis. Our tutors can travel to your place of work or home to deliver lessons, or for no extra charge we can host lessons at our high-end Centre in central London.

Competitive Costs

Lesson costs will vary according to language, level, time and place. We can offer you a quote once we understand who you are and what you need.

However, all our costs are inclusive of the initial consultation, preparation, course books/DVDs, post lesson marking/assessments and use of our exclusive Central London Centre.

For a more detailed quote or for additional enquiries please call our sister company Mayfair Tutors on 0207 665 6606 to further discuss your needs.

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