Corporate Language Lessons London & UK

Language Lessons London Learning a foreign language is of great importance in today's business world - yet research has consistently pointed to a lack of foreign language skills in the UK.

Future success in the global economy, both at an individual and national level, is very much dependent on encouraging language learning at schools and in the workplace.

Learning a foreign language is a key element of cross cultural communication. It not only allows for dialogue in another's tongue but also gives an insight into foreign cultures, promoting understanding and mutual respect.

Private & Corporate Language Lessons in London, the UK & Worldwide

Kwintessential (Consulting) has partnered with leading language provider Cactus Language Training to offer first-class tuition in any language, anywhere in the world.

Why choose Cactus for your language training?

  • You will benefit from our experience in helping over 10,000 individuals and businesses learn more than 30 languages in 500 destinations worldwide each year
  • They cover all major world languages and minority languages
  • Your course will be designed by our expert, in-house academic team and tailored to your specific needs and goals
  • Your language trainer will be carefully selected from our global network of qualified and experienced native-speaker trainers
  • Lessons can take place in your home or office, in the UK and/or worldwide
  • Your course will be flexible, convenient and effective
  • Experience at corporate level with clients such as HSBC, Burberry, TripAdvisor and Coca-Cola

Tailored Lesson Structure

Whether you are an individual, an SME or a global corporation, we work with each client individually to deliver the very best programme for your needs. Prior to your course we will meet you to identify your lesson objectives and desired course outcomes, taking into account the time you have, your learning style, your level and your budget. Lessons are then developed using course books, industry- and sector-related materials and modern media such as radio, newspapers and business journals.

Course Format

Our trainers are highly skilled in delivering face-to-face 1:1, 2:1 and small group training for general and specific industry needs. You dictate when, where and how often your classes take place. We also excel in language training via Skype which offers unrivalled flexibility.

Your Trainer

Your language trainer is key to your experience of learning a language; it is important that he or she understands you, your learning goals and your learning approach. As such we will carefully select the trainer most suited to you, many of whom are leaders in their field, with extensive business experience, PhDs and MBAs. We believe that investing in our teachers through a comprehensive teacher development programme is central to the success of our language courses.

Competitive Prices

Language tuition costs vary according to your requested language, location and course format. However, all our prices are inclusive of course materials, the initial consultation and all teacher and administrative costs.

For a more detailed quote and additional information, please contact us on training@kwintessential.co.uk

In-Demand Languages include: