English Language Tuition London

Elite English Language Lessons

We offer a range of quality, personalised and professionally delivered English language lessons. We can help anyone needing to improve their English language skills - whether you are beginner, needing help with writing skills or simply need to improve your vocabulary.

Our distinguished clients range from Directors to dentists - all of whom have relocated to the UK through work and now find themselves working in their second or third language. The need for clear and effective communication between them and colleagues or clients is imperative.

High-End Lessons

So why come to Kwintessential?

  • All our courses are bespoke
  • You get your own dedicated tutor
  • We only do 1-2-1 lessons so no sharing of time
  • All course books and materials are included in our costs
  • Our tutors are top-notch professionals
  • We have an amazing success rate

Tailored Lesson Content

At Kwintessential, we take a flexible approach to our work and ensure that considerable time and energy is invested into the creation of a syllabus that is tailored to meet the individual needs of our clients.

Lessons are developed using English language teaching books, company literature, specialist English language texts and modern media such as radio programmes, newspapers and business journals.

We mould our lessons to incorporate industry/sector specific terminology and focus on any areas with which the learner may need assistance such as report writing, presentations or negotiation.

English language tuition provides:

  • A regular forum which enables the speaker to address and work through language problems experienced through the working week.
  • An opportunity to focus on business critical language and terminology specific to the industry/sector in which they work.
  • Focused lessons on particular skills such as report or letter writing, speech giving, presentations or comprehension.
  • An opportunity to review written material for which they have responsibility and to address and amend any grammatical areas prior to distribution of material within the business.
  • A focus on pronunciation and delivery of spoken language to ensure clarity and fluency of speech.

Exam Preperation

Kwintessential are keen to encourage their learners to work towards sitting examinations which testify to their progress and achievement such as ESOLIELTS and TOEFL.

We can help learners work towards any internationally recognised exam.

If you have any questions relating to your level and relevant exams please contact us or refer to our English Learning Levels & Examinations page.

Lesson in London

Lessons are delivered on an individual basis only. Our tutors can either deliver lessons at the learner's office/home or we can accomodate the lessons at our exclusive central London Centre.

Talented Tutors

At Kwintessential, we pride ourselves on the high quality of our teaching staff. All our tutors are fully qualified and experienced with excellent interpersonal and communication skills. Due to the diverse backgrounds of our clients, strong cultural awareness and a demonstrated background of working across cultures is key.


Lesson costs may vary according to level, time, place and many other factors.

Please contact us for a quote.

However, note that our costs include the initial assessment process, preparation, post lesson marking, course materials and use of our language Centre in central London.

Lessons for Expatriates

We also offer an 'at home' service to provide language tuition to spouses or children or expatriates/business assignees. This is vital in helping them settle into life in the UK and enable them to establish a network or friends or fit in better at a new school. Such tuition in tandem with cross cultural training can go a long way in reducing the impact of culture shock for new arrivals to the UK.

Written Coaching

If your English is at a good standard and you need help with written work then our Editing & Proof Reading Service is perfect for you.

Elocution Lessons

We also provide Elocution Lessons in the London area.