Editing & Written English Coaching London

Written English Coaching

proofreading service
The Editing & Proof-Reading service is perfect for the company or individual seeking assistance in the writing or checking of reports, presentations, speeches, letters, websites or any other piece of written English.

Although a speaker of English from a foreign background may be highly competent in all the major skills of reading, listening and speaking, it is however true that only a native will appreciate the subtle differences in vocabulary, grammar and sentence structure that can make all the difference in a piece of written work. When presenting a piece of English work to colleagues, clients or customers it is imperative that it look, sound and feel correct.

Foreign speakers of English may either lack the knowledge or possess a lack of confidence in certain areas of written English and may feel support will aid in improving their written competencies.

Top-Notch Tuition

We work with a broad base of clients coming from business and academic circles who need assistance in their particular fields of work. Whether it be a PowerPoint sales presentation or a synopsis for a thesis our consultants will ensure it is linguistically a first class piece of work.

Areas we focus upon in this service includes:

  • spelling mistakes
  • punctuation
  • grammar
  • vocabulary usage
  • phrases
  • sentence structure
  • content and style analysis
  • tailoring language to audiences
  • presentation
  • organising information
  • narrative
  • concluding and summarising

Coaching vs Editing

For those wanting assistance with their written English, we offer two options:

1) Clients may use this service to edit and proof read their documents. Our consultants examine your document, make all necessary changes and return it to you within a stated time period. We can also offer to highlight all changes and provide the reasoning for doing so, providing you some insight into where you can improve and what your weak points are.

Costs for this are 5 GBP per 100 words.

2) A more "hands on" approach for individuals: we will use any written work in an applied learning session. A consultant will visit you, go through your work with you, advise you of necessary changes and discuss the rationalisation for those changes. This ensures that the individual learns from the experience and is less likely to make those mistakes again. In addition they may gain invaluable guidance in writing techniques and styles.

Costs for this are quoted upon request.