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Legal Court InterpretersDPSI Qualified Court Interpreters

We provide excellence in court interpretation services.

In addition to business interpreting services we also offer law firms, solicitors and lawyers with court interpreters and court translators.

If you are in need of an accomplished court interpreter then look no further.

Our court interpreters; 

  • cover all languages and dialects
  • can attend hearings in all regions
  • are experienced hands in court with legal proceedings 
  • offer professionalism, impartiality and confidentiality

A court interpreter is available for both short and long term cases throughout the UK and Europe. Outside of these regions, please speak to one of our Relationship Managers about your requirements.

We like to offer our clients a degree of flexibility so therefore charge on either hourly, half-day or daily rates for all court interpretation services.

Prior to booking a court interpreter please be sure to have all the necessary details at hand including

  • court dates
  • court address
  • basic outline of the case
  • start times
  • contact names

To book a court interpreter please contact us.

Court interpreters are available in most world languages including Albanian, Arabic, Bulgarian, Czech, Dari, Farsi, Gujarati, Hindi, Italian, Polish, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, German, French, Romanian, Chinese, Pashtu, Portuguese, Turkish, Serbo-Croat, Vietnamese, Korean, Thai, Urdu and many more.