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Conference Interpreters

AIIC Conference InterpretationExcellence in Conference Interpreting

In addition to our general interpreting services we also provide conference interpreters.

If you are in need of a talented conference interpreter to provide you with top-notch simultaneous interpreting, then look no further.

Our team of experienced and qualified conference interpreters can assist with all your interpreting needs.

All our simultaneous conference interpreters are qualified and experienced, bringing with them years of conference interpreting practice and professional association to bodies such as the AIIC and The Institute of Translation.

This ensures you will receive only the highest standard of conference interpreting as all have been through vigorous training and examination.

Need a quote or want to book? Call us on (+44) 01460 279 900 or simply send us an email via the contact page.

Simultaneous Conference Interpretation Languages

Please note we cover all languages; the above list are the most commonly requested languages we deal with.

In addition to excellent interpreting skills our conference interpreters conduct thorough research prior to any assignment to ensure they are up to speed with the issues at hand, vocabulary and terminology. This guarantees that communication across the linguistic divide is smooth and precise.

If you have special requirements such as a need for specialist financial, technical or legal conference interpreters, we will ensure only those interpreters that match your requirement are used.

Conference Interpreting EquipmentHeadset for Multilingual Conference

We also provide Interpreting Equipment for conferences, offering you a convenient one-stop solution to all our conference needs.

To book one of our conference interpreters please contact us.

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