Cross Cultural and Intercultural Management Training

management trainingFact: Today's manager increasingly has to work in international and  intercultural environments.

In addition to the normal pressures of man-management, managers are now required to deal with challenges, friction and misunderstandings emanating from cross cultural differences. Effective intercultural management in the modern environment necessitates cross cultural competency in order to get the best out of a multicultural team.

Our Intercultural Management Training courses are designed to give support and guidance to managers by:

* Offering an insight and understanding of how cross cultural and intercultural issues manifest in the workplace.
* Coaching on skills such as communication, time management, assertiveness and conflict resolution.
* Developing skills and approaches to deal with cross cultural and intercultural issues.
* Providing guidance on how to levarage cultural differences and maximise the potential of a multicultural team.

Our bespoke courses are tailored to help you maximise your management potential.

This course is best administered over a period of time with regular, short, sharp training sessions covering particular issues. As well as allowing you to better digest the variety of issues involved in intercultural management it also complements a manager?s busy and pressurised environment.

However, we are also able to design and deliver quality one or two day courses that are equally insightful and productive.

All our management courses are delivered by a cross cultural communications expert with experience in management.

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