Intercultural Awareness - Rules

>How to play the Intercultural Awarenes card game

Aim of the game: The aim of the game is for you to win all your competitor's cards, in this case the computer's.

The rules: The rules are quite straight-forward. The computer will deal the cards. Your cards will always appear on the left. Click on 'proceed' to start the game. One of your cards will then be presented to you.

Look at the four categories on your card. If you do not understand what they mean then please refer to the Intercultural Dimensions page. Select the category you think will have a higher value than that on the computer's card.

Select the category by clicking on it. The computer's card will then be turned over and you will have either won or lost. If you won, you keep the computer's card and have another turn. If you lost, the computer keeps your card and takes the next turn. The first to collect all ten cards wins the game.

At the end of the game you can start a new game.

One should try and approach the game with a view to reflecting upon the cultural traits of a country. Prior to playing your hand, think about what you know about that country and culture. Analyse the scores and see if this reflects what you know. When the computer reveals its card, likewise reflect upon the scores of that country.

The aim of the game is to help the player develop a mental framework of the various dimensions and relate these to their own experiences.>

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