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Sometimes images are more powerful than words. Below we have compiled a list of videos around the subject of intercultural communication, cross cultural awareness, cultural diversity and multiculturalism. To view the video of your choice simply click on the link to be taken to a live video stream. If you would like to add a video please contact us.

Kwintessential's Video-Casts

Who needs Intercultural Awareness? - a look at the people who benefit from being culturally-savvy.

Building Relationships in the Middle East - sound file of a speech on doing business in the Gulf and Middle East.


Our videos below are still available however for fresh content about the world of intercultural communication visit Kwint-Vision. Simply click the logo below for 100s of videos for free!

Guest Videos

Business Card Etiquette - the etiquette of exchanging business cards.

Chinese Business Culture - information for those doing business in China.

Concept of Time - an examination of the concept of time through a Swede's eyes.

The Diversity Cartoon - An ABC news piece on the creators of the cartoon, Babak & Friends which tries to teach cultural diversity to children.

Diversity Day at The Office - a clip from the US series of "The Office". Clip looks at the manager's Chris Rock impression!

The Diversity Game - again from "The Office". A hilarious clip looking at teaching cultural diversity in the office.

Bahrain: Greetings - video clip on greeting etiquette in Bahrain.

French Business Culture and Etiquette - a look at French business culture.

Guanxi - a look at the importance of connections when doing business in China.

High and Low Context Cultures - a look at the meaning of High and Low Context cultures in intercultural communication.

* Intercultural Business Issues in Countries - Intercultural Business Issues in Countries - what business people look for in different countries (no sound).

Intercultural Issues in Business - common areas of cultural communication issues within international business.

* Intercultural Sensitivity - Intercultural Sensitivity - how to improve intercultural sensitivity in business.

Italian Business Culture - information for those doing business in Italy.

Italian Business Etiquette - an insiders tips on business etiquette in Italy.

The Immigration Debate - cartoon from Current TV that examines the immigration debate in the USA.

Individualism vs. Collectivism - a nice presentation on the meaning of Individualism and Collectivism.

Multicultural Competence - presentation by Dr. Vetta Thompson on the meaning of multicultural competence.

SIETAR Intercultural Learning - In this video SIETAR offer some advice on the importance and worth of intercultural learning and appreciating other cultures.

Turkish Business Culture and Etiquette - a look at Turkish business culture.

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