Intercultural Competence: Interpersonal Communication Across Cultures

Intercultural Competence: Interpersonal Communication Across Cultures by Myron W. Lustig

Basic Details:

. Paperback: 386 pages 
. Publisher: Allyn & Bacon (31 Jul 2005) 
. Language English 
. ISBN: 020545352X

About the Book:

Striking a unique balance between skills and theory, Intercultural Competence provides students with the background and confidence to succeed in today's multicultural environment. Blending both the practical and the theoretical, the concrete and the abstract, this textbook is both enjoyable to read and thoroughly researched. By clearly explaining different theories and the significance of cultural patterns and having students practice what they learn via examples in the book, Intercultural Competence better prepares students to interact in intercultural relationships. New to the Fifth Edition Approximately half of the Culture Connections boxes are new to this edition and provide students the opportunity to feel some aspect of intercultural competence. .Strong attention to the impact of new information technologies on intercultural communication has been expanded in the new edition.

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