Intercultural Communication: A Global Reader

Intercultural Communication: A Global Reader
by Fred E. Jandt

Basic Details:

. Paperback: 926 pages 
. Publisher: SAGE Publications Ltd (Aug 2003) 
. Language English 
. ISBN: 0761928995

About the Book:

Intercultural Communication: A Global Reader contains 36 articles showcasing the development and diversity of intercultural communication theories in countries such as China, Africa, the United States, New Zealand, Mexico, Egypt, and others. Themes and topics discussed include identity and communication, intercultural verbal and nonverbal processes and interactions, relationships, and ethics.
The Reader presents a wide-range of articles, showing the permeance of intercultural communication in today's world and in everyday life.

Examples of topics included are:
. Conflict management in organizations 
. The impact of the Internet and of online global communication 
. Gender differences in communication 
. The increasing influence of globalization 
. Health care 
. Creating a culture of peace

Half of the readings are from non-U.S. authors/scholars, presenting readers with a truly global perspective on intercultural communication. 
The Reader may be used as a stand-alone text, an excellent companion to Fred E. Jandt's textbook An Introduction to Intercultural Communication: Identities in a Global Community, Fourth Edition, or in conjunction with other texts. The book is intended for the introductory intercultural communication course and is also of value for many courses in cultural studies, sociology, and anthropology.