Social Media and News Channels

Social Media and News Channels

We love to share news and views in order to enthuse. As well as feed our followers we want new people to get you involved in our space as much as possible. The area we work in is incredibly diverse and exciting due to its constant evolution, connection to world affairs and continued recognition of the importance of language/culture in today’s world.

Our main news feeds are set out below; we welcome you to follow us on all or a few selected feeds..


Our blog is where you will find the latest news about us as a company as well as articles on a number of topics relating to our services. We do our best to provide fresh content on matters that relate to language and culture in the real world, so the application of our services becomes better understood. On top of posts about our world, we also keep readers up to date with company news on everything from new staff to charity initiatives to case studies on our work. 


Our Facebook page is where we like to get a bit interactive with our followers. As well as pointing people to interesting news, blog posts and other articles, this is the place you can get involved in competitions, quizzes, polls and the lighter side of what we do. Our Wall is the place for you to get involved, give us your opinions and become part of the conversation. So come on over to Facebook and give us a "like".


If you prefer Twitter as your channel for news, then not to worry; we love to tweet! Primarily used to point the Twitterati to articles, news, photos and video, our Twitter feeds also encourage lots of participation and debate. We update our feeds on a daily basis and enjpy being part of the translation/language/localization/international business community. Pop over to Twitter, follow us and tweet us a quick 'hi' - we'll be sure to folow you back!


The new kid on the block social wise is still trying hard to play catch-up with the likes of Facebook and Twitter. Our Google+ page provides very similar content to both our Facebook and Twitter pages - the only real difference being the format in which they are displayed. If you use Google+ then please add us to one of your Circles and let us know what we can do to improve your experience of the channel.


More focused on business-matters, our LinkedIn page brings you up-to-date news and views as well as job opporunities at Kwintessential. We engage with a number of Groups directly and indirectly relating to our services. Here you can also get an overview of who is on our team and what they are up to. Why not look up your Relationship Manager at Kwintessential and include them in your network?

You Tube

Our fledgling You Tube channel is a new initiative which gives our followers the same quality information but on video. We have tried to include videos about us, our industry, our services and of course practical tips, guidance and advice on a number of areas from getting a translation to working abroad to becoming an intern at Kwintessential. Switch over to You Tube and see what videos you like.


If you want to stay in touch with the news, what's happening at Kwintessential and take advantage of any special offers or promotions, then the newsletter is for you. Once a month we'll send out this bundle of joy to your inbox keeping you abreast of everything you need to know. Simply click through and sign up for your first newsletter.

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