We've got guides, reports, handbooks and other handy resources that centre around the themes of international business. Our own publications will soon be complemented by the work of others who we feel have published work of particular merit or of current relevance.

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:: Guide to Localisation and Translation

This free guide gives the reader an introduction to the services known as G.I.L.T - globalisation, internationalisation, localisation and translation. An explanation of terms as well as case studies and examples from websites and digital media highlight their key role in going global.

:: Beginner's Guide to International SEO

global SEO guide
Looking for online exposure through search engines? Search engines are crucial to maximising your international exposure and that's where Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) comes in. However, with different languages, search engines and cultural differences it's good to be aware of how to adapt your SEO campaigns. This free guide explains what to do on and off your website.

:: Multilingual Online Marketing: A Guide to Best Practice

Download our 8-point best practice guide to multilingual online marketing. Covering language, culture, URLs, user access and much more this free 35-page guide provides invaluable insight. Aimed at those new to online marketing as well as those wanting some fresh ideas, this document is a must-have for anyone working in the online marketing field.

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