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Did you know that Friday nights in Bolivia are called viernes de soltera (bachelor Friday) as it is the night that men go out together for food and drink? If invited out remember to leave the wife behind.
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¡Hola! Hej, Olá, Hello! Did you like my daily cultural tip above? I'm full of them; so come back as often as you like for more.

I'm the Culture Vulture. My job is to guide you in the right direction when browsing our fabulous website, pointing you in
the direction to resources that can help you become a Culture Vulture too.

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Country Etiquette Guides

culture guides

The most popular section of our site these are loved by many, plagiarised by even more.

From Afghanistan to Angola, we cover everything from language to culture to customs to etiquette to tips on doing business....and it's all free! It's everything you need to know about a country in a simple snap-shot.

Language Phrases

foreign language dictionary

If you'd like to pick up some phrases before travelling abroad then we've got just the ticket.

Our language phrases cover some of the main world languages and concentrate on basic, everyday phrases that help you get by and make a good impression with the locals.



I love a good quiz; since I came here from Africa I've even joined the local pub team! Check out our online quizzes.

See how much of a culture vulture you are with our quizzes on language, cultural differences, etiquette, international business and more! If you do well then come join our quiz team!

Intercultural Communication

intercultural communication

When I was studying to become the Culture Vulture, I had to learn about dimensions and especially those of Prof. Hofstede.

This tool takes his research and uses it in a very funky tool which allows you to compare your culture against another and get tips on how to work and communicate more effectively with them. Simply brilliant.

Translation in all languages.
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