Cross Cultural Communication

Doing Business GloballyThe advent of the global economy is changing the fundamental nature of our governments, businesses, organisations and populations. In short, we are no longer constrained by state boundaries but have all become part of an interdependent international network.

One of the key changes this has triggered is the need to communicate effectively with different people in different languages and from different cultures.

It is now recognised that linguistic and cultural knowledge are two of the most vital areas of knowledge that organisations must come to acquire if they are to integrate, progress and succeed in the marketplace. Cross cultural communication is a must!

Cross Cultural Communication Skills

At Kwintessential we strive to meet the needs of organisations and individuals that want to score higher in the global game.

We have identified and concentrated our efforts on specializing in five key areas of services of cross cultural communication:

Translation Services - we provide translations in all world languages across all formats. If its written somewhere we can translate it!

Interpreters - assisting with everything from business meetings to conferences to interviews. Whereever, whenever and whatever language you need, we can help.

Training - we provide a vast array of tailored courses in cultural awareness, business skills and language lessons. If it helps you succeed in international business, we do it.

Design - need a brochure, app, website, Facebook page or anything else designed by culturally-astute designers? That's us!

Localization - we help localize any product, service or marketing effort to the target country or culture, ensuring it speaks to the audience in their culture.

To discover how we can help you simpy give us a call, browse the website or get an online quote.

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