Cross Cultural Training - Japan

November 1st 2004

Globalisation, the expansion of intercontinental trade, technological advances and the increase in the number of companies dealing on the international stage have brought about a dramatic change in the frequency, context and means by which business people from different cultural backgrounds interact.

Japan, due to its rich and unique society in terms of culture, values and traditions, possibly poses the most potential for cross cultural misunderstandings for European businesses and business personnel.

In order to assist companies and individuals with their dealings with Japan, the UK based cross cultural communications consultancy Kwintessential are now offering a cross cultural training course focusing on Japan.

"The aim of the course is to help business people build strong interpersonal relationships, promote clear lines of communication and minimise cross cultural misunderstandings," explains company Director Neil Payne.

Each cross cultural training course is designed specifically for a client whether they are investors, entrepreneurs, managers or diplomatic staff and focus on those areas they feel will benefit them most. "We prefer to be flexible with the content in our cross cultural training courses as every client is different. A manager moving to Tokyo to run an office will need different training to a business person travelling there for a few days for negotiations.
Each client's needs are taken into account during a consultation before developing their course," explains Payne.

Kwintessential's training courses cover a range of topics including exploring the impact cross cultural differences have on business, cross cultural communication, non-verbal communication, building relationships, etiquette training, doing business in Japan, cross cultural management, negotiations and even language training.

In our global economy such training is proving to be an invaluable tool in promoting successful cross border business and trade.

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