Launch of Intercultural Forum

London, UK May 11th, 2006: Kwintessential, the cross cultural communications consultancy, have today launched the very first intercultural communication forum. The forum aims to become a valuable hub for debate and discussion for all things intercultural.

In a world full of differences it is important for people to share ideas, viewpoints and worldviews. Only through debate and discussion can people come to learn about one another. In order to help foster a sharing of information between people, Kwintessential have launched the web's very first forum for people to discuss a range of issues that fall under the umbrella of intercultural communication.

The forum allows people with differing interests to post comments, ask questions and engage in debate around topics such as intercultural training, cultural diversity, etiquette, culture, doing business in foreign countries, language learning, translation, interpreting, multilingual website design and much more.

"The idea is to create an online resource for people interested in learning about different cultures and languages," explains the forums creator James Welch. "We soon realised that there is no central focal point for people to discuss these issues. Not only do we hope to provide free information and resources to all our visitors, we know we will learn a lot ourselves."

Registration to the intercultural forum is free and open to anyone interested in getting involved. To visit the forum please go to The Intercultural Forum.