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armadillo website translation

At Kwintessential where possible we love to give real life examples of our work as well as how businesses are tackling international markets. We recently teamed up with a very forward thinking company by the name of Armadillo ScooterWear.

As the name suggests Armadillo sell clothing and accessories for scooter riders and thus have a very niche market. Realising that the niche spans borders the company embarked upon a project to translate its website. “We wanted trade in bigger markets,” explains Tim Hebden, the company’s Director. “We looked at the countries we had distributors in and targeted them as this was the logical next step.”

The ambitious project went about translating everything from descriptions of clothing, ordering instructions and most importantly script (or ‘strings’) used in the background of the website to generate auto-responses and the like.

Due to the amount of text involved the decision was taken to send text to be translated in Excel spreadsheets. Translations would be populated into adjacent columns which then allowed the website programmers to easily find texts and place them in the correct places within the Content Management System.

The languages used on the new website are French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Finnish, Slovak, Danish, Swedish, Polish, Norwegian and Czech. Although the website looks fantastic Tim offers some good advice to others considering translating their website. “Don’t do all 12 countries in one go. Start with 1 or 2 key territories and build it from there. Also make sure you have all your amends and copy tweaks no matter how long that takes before you brief a translation agency, otherwise it will end up costing your business more money in the long run.” This is an important point he draws attention to and one many do not think through before translating a website. One has to have in place no only the text that appears on a web page but also things such as metatags, links, coding and any script used to generate auto-responses.

armadillo spanish website translation

So why did Armadillo chose Kwintessential? “They have turned around translation very quickly in checking all copy to the end project and have been happy to accommodate a small business without incurring huge charges for small words or for extra copy”.

We wish Armadillo the best of luck for the future. You can visit their website at > Armadillo Scooter Wear.

armadillo italian website translation

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