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As part of our efforts to provide enlightening and useful information relating to our range of services we do our best to provide free material for our readers.

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Translation Articles

Translation Articles

If you're interested in all things translation then this is the section for you. A range of articles covering a wide range of topics centered around both translation and interpreting. Hilarious examples of machine translations, practicla tips on working with interpreters, going about website translation. It's all there!

Management Guides

Intercultural Management Guides

Do you manage people in a foreign country or manage people from abroad? Working across cultures can sometimes be challenging. We researched and published a set of articles giving insight and practical tips to managers on a country by country basis.

Intercultural Articles

Intercultural Articles

The intercultural field is focused on the dyanimcs of different cultures coming together. Our similarities and differences shape our interactions. These articles look at a wide variety of topics around business, HR, etiquette and training and how the intercultural field can add value through knowledge and insights.

Etiquette & Protocol Guides

Business Etiquette and Protocol Guides

Doing business in a foreign country you have little experience of? Getting some insights into the cultural differences around doing business will always help prepare. Our handy, quick-fire, guides to "doing business" cover Argentina to the USA.

Below are even more free resources for you. Remember you can always use the search function [top right] if you are looking for something specific.


  • Business Articles:: country specific and general articles about doing business abroad.
  • Business Etiquette Articles:: articles about etiquette when travelling and/or doing business abroad.
  • Intercultural Communication Articles :: good selection of articles offering insight into intercultural communication as well as business specific examples from HR and online marketing.
  • Relocation Guides :: country by country guides for those moving to a new country and want some practical insights into their new home.
  • Expatriate Relocation Articles:: content specifically around relocation and expatriate assignments. Culture shock, training solutions, reading lists and more.
  • HR / Training Articles:: HR focused articles around cultural diversity and global HR practices. Management, team-building, religious diversity and communication all covered.
  • Learning Languages Articles:: learning a language is a vital skill if you truly want to succeed internationally. These articles focus on why that's important and ways to go about getting that language under your belt.
  • Cross Cultural Books:: a useful list of books around the subject of cross cultural communication Useful for students, HR practitioners, managers and the globally mobile. There is also a list of Intercultural Books which covers similar themes.
  • World Religions:: need to quickly get to grips with the basics of a religion? These short articles give you everything you need to know in minutes.
  • World Languages:: pick your language and we have all the major facts and information you need to know about it. From its history to modern day use.

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