Press Releases

Below you will find archived press releases relating to Kwintessential and their range of cross cultural communication services. All press releases now are published on our blog.

ISO 9001 Certificate - Kwintessential achieve the international quality management certificate.

Cultural Awareness essential for International Work - results of our survey in December 2008.

Export Challenge Warning - Kwintessential release a global export challenge warning for South West businesses.

Multilingual Website Competition - we launch a competition for the South West tourism industry.

Language and Immigration - results of our February 2008 survey.

Troops in Iraq need intercultural training - results of our December 2007 survey.

Launch of new Keyword Translator - our latest addition to the free translation tools.

Launch of Free Website Translation Widget - Kwintessential's latest free translation tool.

Brits Keen to Work Abroad - Kwintessential survey finds the British want to work abroad but not learn the language.

Shevchenko and Culture Shock - does culture shock explain the Chelsea star's poor form?

Launch of New Intercultural Forum - Kwintessential launch a new information hub.

World Cup 2006: English Football Phrases - launch of our new daily English language football phrases.

Chinese Website Designed for Placebo - the latest of our multilingual websites for the band Placebo.

New Website Translation Service for SMEs - simple and economic website design and translation packages launched.

Intercultural Skills Training Manual - Kwintessential are awarded a contract by the LSC to develop an intercultural training manual.

Free Cross Cultural Consultation over Ramadan - new online guide to Islam, Muslims and Ramadan in the workplace.

Intercultural Solutions for Business Travelers - free online country profiles offering foreign etiquette and protocal guidance.

Multilingual Website Design - trailblazing new service helping companies go global via the internet

Free Cross Cultural Training for Bush - Kwintessential offer President Bush free training after his re-election.

Intercultural Awareness Game - the launch of our extremely popular online card game.

Cross Cultural Training Japan - launch of new Japan cultural awareness training.

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