Intercultural Communication Articles

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Below you will find access to a range of articles relating to cross cultural and intercultural communication. The articles touch upon a number of topics that will be of interest to a wide range of reader involved in intercultural communication such as international business personnel, HR staff, people working in public services and in many other areas where intercultural communication is an issue.

Intercultural Training Articles

An Introduction to Intercultural Communication - a basic summary of the purpose of intercultural communication.

Cross Cultural Communication Consultants - A look at the role, skills and qualifications of cross cultural communication consultants.

Definition of Intercultural Communication - what does intercultural communication mean?

Cross Cultural Understanding - an examination of common cross cultural terms and their meanings.

Intercultural Training and Stereotypes - a look at the difference between stereotypes and generalizations.

Intercultural Training and the Iceberg Model - why do trainers use the iceberg to explain culture?

Stereotypes: An Intercultural No-No - why stereotyping is dangerous.

What is Culture? - A collection of quotes examining the meaning of 'culture'.

Intercultural Awareness in Business

Ten Tips for the Intercultural Leader - simple pointers on becoming a more culturally aware leader.

> Cultural Differences in International M&A - how are mergers and acquisitions shaped by national cultures?

> Retail and Cross Cultural Issues - how the retail sector has been affected by cultural differences.

Business Culture UK - the use of British business culture to highlight differences in working practices.

Cross Cultural Advertising - how do cross cultural differences impact advertising campaigns?

Cross Cultural Awareness - 'Big Brother' in Arabia - the UK program 'Big Brother' recently attempted a version for an Arab audience. Poor cross cultural awareness led to it being withdrawn from the airwaves within days.

Cross Cultural Communication & PR - a look at the cross cultural challenges facing the PR industry.

Cross Cultural Presentations - how does culture impact upon giving presentations?

Cross Cultural Solutions for International Business - An overview of the importance of overcoming cross cultural communications problems in international business.

Culture and Website Localization - International markets demand companies present their products and services through multi-lingual websites. This article looks at the cultural considerations that need to be analysed in any website localization project.

Intercultural Synergy in Mergers and Acquisitions - the importance of cross cultural awareness in international M&A's.

Results of Poor Cross Cultural Awareness - A look at some humorous examples of poor cross cultural understanding in the business world.

Ten Strategies for Success Abroad - Culturosity's Kate Berardo outlines some useful tips on maximising success in an inter-cultural environment.

Intercultural Etiquette

Cross Cultural Dining Etiquette - tips on dining etiquette abroad.

Cross Cultural Etiquette - CNN's article on cross cultural etiquette, featuring Kwintessential's Neil Payne

Cross Cultural Etiquette Awareness - how poor cross cultural awareness caused demonstrations in South Asia.

Cross Cultural Gift Giving Etiquette - when doing business abroad is gift giving part of business protocol?

Cross Cultural Negotiation - are cross cultural skills important in negotiations?

Intercultural factors in International Presentations - things to look out for when speaking abroad.

Intercultural Articles for HR

Effective Multi-Cultural International Business Meetings - International and mutli-cultural meetings are an area in which cultural differences are most visible. The article offers some advice on how to minimise clashes of culture.

Email and Intercultural Communication - how does the email impact working across cultures?

Intercultural Awareness - Who needs intercultural awareness?

Intercultural Communication in the Global Workplace - the necessity for intercultural skills in today's global economy.

Intercultural Communication Tips - pointers on how to improve your intercultural communication skills.

Intercultural Interview with Mexicans - some starting points on things to look out for in intercultural interviews.

Status - Cross Cultural Differences - how does status manifest across different cultures?

Techniques for Resolving Cross Cultural Disputes - Advice on minimising the negative impact of cultural differences in companies. By Bob Delaney

The Four Benefits of Intercultural Training - how does training staff in intercultural matters benefit an organisation?

> Approaches to Cultural Awareness Training  - a look at heavy and light approaches to business training.

General Intercultural Articles

A Cross Cultural Analysis of the Prophet Muhammad Danish Cartoons  - lessons to be learnt from the Danish cartoons.

Cross Cultural Communication across Languages - some tips on how to overcome the language barrier and get your message across.

Cross Cultural Communication needs... - a look at the requisites for effective cross cultural communication.

Hurdles to Cross Cultural Business Communication - Internal communication within international companies faces strains and challenges brought on through internationalization. Kwintessential offer insight into common barriers to effective cross cultural communication.

Intercultural Lessons from the movie Crash - what did Crash say to us about intercultural relations?

Muhammad and the teddy bear - the case of intercultural incompetence in Sudan.

Shilpa, Jade, Big Brother and Intercultural Communication - how the Big Brother racism debate demonstrates a need for intercultural know-how.

Ten Tips for Cross Cultural Communication - basic tips on how to improve your cross cultural communication skills.

The Case for a Culturious Lifestyle - the benefits of intercultural awareness.

The Intercultural Competence of Barack Obama - why the Democratic candidate's communication style appeals.

The Six Steps to Intercultural Communication - six basic actions that lay the foundations for better communication across cultures. 

Western-Islamic relations and the Intercultural Field - an examination of the possible contribution of interculturalists to the current situation.

ESTEREOTIPOS Y FORMACION INTERCULTURAL - Spanish translation of "Stereotyping and Intercultural Training"

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