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Below are various articles relating to cross cultural communication that will be of interest to HR and training personnel. Areas covered range from intercultural management to team building to diversity legislation to religion in the workplace:

Repatriation Management - the key to retention in expat repatriation.

The Intercultural Manager - the role of a manager is changing and demanding new skills to deal with multicultural staff.

Expatriate Cross Cultural Training - an overview of the increasing importance of cross cultural training in expatriate relocations.

Intercultural Team Building - the formation of cross border and/or teams and their challenges.

Cross Cultural Interviews - how do cultural differences impact upon the interview?

Cross Cultural Training & Expatriate Relocation - a recent survey suggests cross cultural training is a necessity for foreign assignments.

Religion, Belief and HR (Part I) - part one looks at anti-discrimination laws and how religion/belief are now encompassed in the latest legislation.

Religion, Belief and HR (Part II) - part two offers insight into how religious beliefs and practices can impact the workplace and HR policies/procedures.

Religion, Belief and HR (Part III) - part three concludes the article with advice for HR personnel.

Cross Cultural Training - the role of cross cultural training courses in improving internal interpersonal communication

Islam in the Workplace - suggested practice for HR personnel - The number of Muslims working in the UK has and is increasing. This guide is designed to offer HR personnel an understanding of their Muslim staff.

Cultural Awareness an HR Perspective - How do the fields of HR and cross cultural communications overlap? N.A. Johnson explains the importance of cultural awareness training from an HR perspective.

The 10 Benefits of Cross Cultural Training - how can cross cultural training benefit staff?

Intercultural Management - tips on managing culturall diverse teams.

Ramadan and the Workplace - tips for HR personnel on the needs of Muslim staff during Ramadan.

Managing Intercultural Communication Challenges - 3 part article on many aspects of culture in business.

Cultural awareness in the Multicultural workplace - simple pointers on how to better cultural awareness.

Culture and Global Teams - how culture can impact the global team.

Culture and Communication in Multicultural Teams - communication issues in multicultural teams.

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