Expatriate Articles: Cultural Awareness, Relocation and Culture Shock

Please view a range of articles relating to expatriate relocation and the impact of culture:

Expatriate Communication - how to be more flexible in your approach when abroad.

British Reserve - why are the Brits so reserved?

International Expat Relocation - the qualities needed to become a successful expat abroad.

Expat Guide to Living in Montreal, Canada - get some insight into moving to Montreal.

Expat Life in the Gulf - an article written by a English expat living in the Gulf.

Expatriate Relocation and Children - how best to minimise any negative impacts on children when relocating abroad.

Expatriate Relocation and Culture Shock - a look at the concept of 'culture shock'.

The Stages of Culture Shock - what feelings and emotions do people experience in culture shock?

Expatriates and Cultural Awareness - simple tips on cultural awareness for expatriates moving abroad.

> Intercultural Tips for Indonesia - some useful guidelines on how to get along with Indonesian colleagues.

The Expat Spouse - the challenges of being a trailing partner.

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