Intercultural Etiquette Articles

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Please view a range of various articles relating to cross cultural communication and specifically international business etiquette:

Being Culturally-Savvy - the need to be culturally aware in the modern business environment.

Business Card Etiquette - business card exchanging etiquette from around the world.

Business Etiquette - what is the essence of international business etiquette?

Business Letter Etiquette - how to write effective business letters using proper protocol.

Business Lunch and Cultural Differences - the simple lunch changes face in foreign countries.

Business Meeting Etiquette - useful etiquette pointers for both formal and informal meetings.

Business Phone Etiquette - the 7 P's of good business phone etiquette.

China: Business Culture - how to do business well in China.

Chinese Dining Etiquette - eating and dining etiquette tips for Chinese cultures.

Conference Call Etiquette - how to avoid crossing wires on your conference call.

Gift Giving Etiquette - simple tips on gift giving protocol and etiquette.

Gift Giving in Japan - CNN Business Traveller's article with Kwintessential cultural trainer, Kate Berardo.

Guanxi - The Chinese cultural concept that makes the wheels of business turn.

International Business Etiquette - the importance of understanding the etiquette of other countries and cultures.

Reciprocal Linking Etiquette - some suggested etiquette guidelines when exchanging links with other.

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