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The End of Cross Cultural News

Cross Cultural news has now been running for a few years and has become extremely successful. We get over 4,000 visits a day. As a result we have had to move it over to a new platform to try and make the user-experience that little bit better. So for all your news please visit the new page at Cross Cultural, Intercultural Communication and Translation News. This page will remain to act as a resource for anyone wishing to access the archives.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Why are Cultural Differences Disguised as `Maladjustments'?

Ethnic underrepresentation creates a host of problems for the American higher education community. One of the most serious is whether or not cultural diversity is alive, well or even possible. Educators acknowledge their ineffectiveness complying with legal, social and demographic mandates to increase minority participation in higher education; hence, the field remains racially polarized. The higher educational community must change; it must find a way to welcome the minority group presence on campus to promote and ensure peace, prosperity and an educated workforce for the future.

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Moscow is most expensive place for expatriates to live

Moscow is the world’s most expensive city for expatriates for the second consecutive year, according to annual research.

A study by Mercer Human Resource Consulting revealed that London is in second position, climbing three places since last year. Seoul moves down one place in the ranking to take third place, followed by Tokyo in fourth.

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Czech Republic: Demand for translation services grows

Most translation service companies in the Czech Republic have reported a year-on-year growth in demand of dozens of percent this year, a CTK poll among the companies has revealed.

Demand has grown particularly for interpretation services and translation of extensive and demanding texts, the poll has shown. "We have seen a year-on-year growth in demand of 18 percent this year, the same rise seen over the past four years," said Josef Venc of Channel Crossings. The interpretation segment reported the biggest growth, he added.

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Word of the Day: disquisition

disquisition \dis-kwuh-ZISH-uhn\, noun:
A formal discourse on a subject.

Hence, although the publisher calls Mr. Roth's work "An Essay on Evil in the Modern World," it will be found to differ materially in approach and manner of treatment from the usual disquisition on an ancient topic. -- Percy Hutchison, "That Old Arch-Enemy of Man the Antichrist", New York Times, May 12, 1935

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Friday, June 15, 2007

CILT: Standards in Intercultural Skills

In the global economy, all sectors of UK industry and service provision are now required to operate in multicultural environments, whether in dealing with clients or with their own workforces. Currently, however, there is no national framework for the development or recognition of intercultural skills.

'Intercultural skills' are defined as those skills needed to work effectively with clients and/or colleagues from a range of linguistic and cultural backgrounds.

In early 2006, CILT, the National Centre for Languages completed research into the feasibility of developing National Occupational Standards (NOS) in intercultural skills. The project built on the work of the EU-funded INCA (Intercultural Competence Assessment) project. It involved consultation with employers, employer representatives and regional bodies, Sector Skills Councils, intercultural skills professionals and awarding bodies on whether and how the results of INCA might be used in the development of UK NOS. A summary of the key findings can be downloaded here.

CILT is now leading a project to develop a full set of NOS in intercultural skills.

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Bridging the Culture Gap in the Legal field

So many countries, so many rules for attorneys to follow.....

Globalization of the legal world has led more lawyers to travel overseas and work with foreign clients, so grasping another country's customs can make or break a lawyer's deal. "There are many lawyers going abroad who are not aware of the differences, so they offend someone," said Tanja Diklic, who helps bridge the cultural gap between Americans and Europeans as the director of business development and client relations in the New York office of SD Petosevic, a Belgrade, Serbia, law firm. "I've seen people lose business over this."

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Why Language Matters on Global Websites

A European Parliament draft report notes that only 6% of consumers buy from websites outside their home countries. One-third who tried to buy had their business refused by the retailer. The report concludes that "in the light of the lack of confidence of European consumers in the digital environment and the many factors that limit cross-border e-commerce, it is regrettable that the E.U. currently has no strategy of its own that would help resolve the situation." According to press coverage, members of the European Parliament (MEP) want to make it easier for European consumers to buy from websites in other member countries. They're advocating a trust mark to increase consumer confidence and a charter of consumer rights.

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Multicultural market research series

In 2004 and 2005, Common Sense Advisory released a series of multicultural market research reports. Now, the research firm has released an update to the series completely focused on internet retailers -- who translates their websites, how they respond (or not) to their web forms and e-mail inquiries, and what to know to get a website ready to sell to this demographic.

Three updated reports are included in the series: "Translation, It's the Law," "Reaching America's eLatinos Online: Otra Vez" and, coming soon, "Strategies for Developing Multicultural Sites."

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GALA to have major presence at Localization World Berlin

The Globalization and Localization Association (GALA), an international nonprofit association that encourages local communication as an indispensable component to a global strategy, will host several sessions for localization business owners, founders and entrepreneurs attending the upcoming Localization World conference in Berlin, Germany. The GALA-hosted sessions will offer valuable information for running a localization business. They include two sessions on the preconference day on June 19, 2007 -- “Mergers and Acquisitions Uncovered: From Seller to Buyer in 12 Months — an Insider’s Guide to M&A,�? and “Practical Standards: Shaping Uniform Language Requirements for Business.�? Another GALA hosted session entitled “The Joys and Pains of Growing�? will take place on June 22, 2007, and will be moderated by GALA board member Matthias Caesar.

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First International Diversity Summer School

Invitation for the First International Diversity Summer School – Vienna, 9.-13. July 2007

The First international Diversity Summer School is a one-week-symposium. It will bring together participants from different international communities for a practice-oriented training event, with the theme "Diversity and Diversity Management: Theory, Practice and Application". In addition to an introduction to the aims and perspectives of "diversity" within the European and international context, the training will focus on these main topics that will be dealt with in the light of participants' case studies and projects:

* Diverse Culture - Diverse Language
* Diversity Standards – Legislations - Quality Assurance
* DiverseCity – Diverse Enterprise – Diverse Projects
* Perpectives & Discussions


Center for Translation Studies – University of Vienna, Gymnasiumsstrasse 50, 1190 Vienna - Austria, Lecture Room 5 (and others for workshops)


9. bis 13. Juli 2007

Registration and information (Infos, Program, Downloads, Hotels, Registration):
The course will be held English – several lectures will be interpreted in Austrian Sign Language and German. Information about reductions for students and others can be found at the website (6 ECTS-scores credited for students):
The IDSS 2007 will be jointly organized by equalizent Vienna ( and TermNet ( )
in cooperation with the Center for Translation Studies - University of Vienna (
Contact Partner: Anja Drame

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China says "Pirates of the Caribbean" attacks Chinese honour

China has censored part of the latest installment of hit Hollywood movie "Pirates of the Caribbean" for "vilifying and defacing the Chinese," the official Xinhua news agency said Friday.

The role of Hong Kong star Chow Yun-Fat, who plays pirate lord Captain Sao Feng, had been slashed in half to just about 10 minutes of screen time, the report said. It cited local magazine The Popular Cinema as saying: "The captain played by Chow is bald, his face heavily scarred. He also has a long beard and long nails, whose image is still in line with Hollywood's old tradition of demonizing the Chinese."

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Word of the day: clamber

clamber \KLAM-buhr; KLAM-uhr\, intransitive verb:
1. To climb with difficulty, or on all fours; to scramble.
noun: 1. The act of clambering.

At one point a whole horde of them fell over a shallow cliff. Plumes of red dust rose in the air as they struggled to clamber back up. -- Thomas Beller, The Sleep-Over Artist

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

'Cultural packs' could teach immigrants to queue

Immigrants should be given "cultural briefing packs" when they move to the UK, an official report will say today.

The information may tell new arrivals from Eastern Europe and elsewhere that, for example, the British like to queue at the Post Office and bus stop, and frown on spitting in the street.

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Hamburg English develops online English language ability testing

Hamburg English started down the road of online testing specifically aimed at international companies wishing to measure employee and job applicant English language ability. Upon completion of a test, an ability report is generated and sent by email to a chosen email address within just a few seconds. The English ability tests are just a part of an online empire created by Hamburg English, which additionally covers department need analysis and TOEIC (The Test of English for International Communications) estimation and preparation.

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Renault endows chair of '’Multicultural management and corporate performance�?

Carlos Ghosn, as president of both Renault and the Renault Foundation, has signed a partnership agreement with the Ecole Ecole Polytechnique, Group HEC and the Polytechnique Foundation to create a Renault-Polytechnique-HEC Chair in “Multicultural Management and Corporate Performance�? in France.

With capacity for about 40 young graduate students, the chair places particular emphasis on managerial practices geared to economic realities and to all types of cultural diversity : national, professional and organizational. It will also enable academics to conduct independent in-depth studies on multicultural organization and management. The chair is held jointly by Eric Godelier for the Ecole Polytechnique and Eve Chiapelo for HEC.

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Country-and-language-specific websites

Organizations are finding that the use of multiple languages and translations can be a competitive differentiator, particularly with websites designed for online transactions such as shopping, finance, or travel. A number of trailblazing companies have created multiple country-and-language-specific websites, and leveraged them to provide a consistent brand image across all markets. They sell products and services globally but market them locally. In the online world where the customer cannot physically touch the product and is rarely able to speak one-on-one with a salesperson, the words and images on the web site that describe the product or service are important to the sales process.

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Word of the day: proselytize

proselytize \PROS-uh-luh-tyz\, intransitive verb:
1. To induce someone to convert to one's religious faith.
2. To induce someone to join one's institution, cause, or political party.
transitive verb: 1. To convert to some religion, system, opinion, or the like.

Jesuit missionaries appeared; the Japanese allowed them to proselytize. -- Walter LaFeber, The Clash: A History of U.S.-Japan Relations

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Cultural and Linguistic Competence Conference

Thrive and the Division of Children’s Behavioral Health Services are co-sponsoring “Achieving the Promise: Cultural and Linguistic Competence in Maine�? conference.

As the populations of our communities change to become more ethnically, racially and socio-economically diverse, each individual is challenged to become more culturally competent. This challenge is perhaps greater for health care providers, community organizations and policy makers because their services and policies affect a broad section of people. As we learn more about cultural competence it is important to include the voices of families, youth, service providers, educators, community organizations and the diverse members of the community. This Cultural and Linguistic Competence Conference will focus on heightening the awareness of diversity in our community, mental health and well being, creating opportunities for dialogue and collaboration.

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Intercultural Videos on Youtube

Today we decided to have a look at Youtube to see what videos relating to intercultural matters have been uploaded. We were suprised to see a decent selection from individuals, conferences and students. Some are good, others not so!. Below is a link to some of the intercultural videos you can find on Youtube today.

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