Friday, December 23, 2005

Do traditional expatriate management models work?

Do traditional expatriate management models work when managing international assignments today? We put this question to several consultants, academics and HR professionals in the field of global mobility and expatriate management.

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religion in the usa

Everyone knows that America is an intensely religious place. Foreigners are always slightly unsettled by the overt displays of religiosity when they venture beyond familiarly secular New York or San Francisco into the vast, believing hinterland.

It can be quite arresting the first time you punch the presets on the rented car and jump from hearing what some rap performer is proposing to do to his girlfriend to the tones of a preacher calling down the wrath of God on the apostates.

Public protestations of religious belief are almost mandatory in much of American life. The first words out of a triumphant sportsman’s mouth will invariably be an expression of gratitude to Jesus. This is no narrowly partisan business. George Bush, in the familiar European caricature, is a scary religious zealot on a mission from God. But few people were better at invoking the Almighty in their aims than the licentious, multilateralist Bill Clinton.

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language and culture test for dutch immigrants

Would-be immigrants hoping for Dutch citizenship will need to pass a special test on Dutch language and culture, the country's parliament has ruled. The new test will cost 350 euros (£237) and is thought to require 250 to 350 hours of study.

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word of the day: vociferous

vociferous \voh-SIF-uhr-uhs\, adjective:
Making a loud outcry; clamorous; noisy.

Claudio has work to do and I have a vociferous son demanding a story. --Ariel Dorfman, Heading South, Looking North: A Bilingual Journey

The local heroes received meals, heard speeches, were presented with flags, and were accompanied to railroad stations by vociferous crowds. --Jeffry D. Wert, A Brotherhood of Valor

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