Friday, December 16, 2005

competition tough for translation and interpreting students

In December, all the major graduate schools of translation and interpretation in Korea finish off the admission procedures for new students. The competition is extremely tough but the number of applicants for top interpretation schools remains high, reflecting the appeal of becoming professional interpreters and translators.

But enthusiasm to become an interpreter is not enough. Candidates should examine themselves whether they have three key skills before applying for such interpretation schools, said Lee Chang-hee, professor of Graduate School of Translation and Interpretation at Ewha Womans University.

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pr diversity champion

The National Capital Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America presented its highest, annual individual- recognition awards at the chapter's end-of-year Holiday Celebration on Dec. 8. These awards are the Diversity Champion award, which recognizes dedication to promoting and preserving ethnic and cultural diversity within the practice of public relations, and the Diamond Award, given to the chapter's "most valuable member" for 2005.

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the o.c. launches spanish website

In an innovative step to meet the growing needs of its Hispanic population, the government of Orange County, Florida, announced today the launch of a complete Spanish-language version of its award-winning website. The first such site among Florida's largest counties, this version of the website can be accessed by clicking on the "Disponible En Espanol" ("Available in Spanish") tab on the County's homepage.

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word of the day: sacrosanct

sacrosanct \SAK-roh-sankt\, adjective:
Sacred; inviolable.

The family was viewed as sacrosanct: divorce was highly unusual and children were expected to be grateful for the sacrifices that parents, who postponed their own gratifications in forming a family, made on their behalf. --Alan Wolfe, One Nation, After All

Espionage is about redefining Good and Evil, the violable and the sacrosanct. --Edward Shirley, Know Thine Enemy

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