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intercultural management in india

Outsourcing increases the interaction between HR managers in the West and India. Some insights into the common challenges our Indian colleagues face may improve support and collaboration between managers in both locations.

"The absolute number one challenge in our organisation is recruitment. The number of people we recruit at an entry level varies from 200 up to 750 people per month," said Guillaume Gevrey during an interview at the inaugural conference of SIETAR India in Bangalore last August.

Sietar is the 32-year-old Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research. Indian and foreign human resource managers and intercultural consultants and trainers celebrated the creation of SIETAR India by sharing theories, ideas and innovations in the field as well as the challenges Indian organisations face on 17 August 2006.

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Clifford Geertz dies at 80

Clifford Geertz, an eminent cultural anthropologist whose work focused on interpreting symbols he believed give meaning and order to people's lives, died Monday in Philadelphia. He was 80 and lived in Princeton, N.J.The cause was complications after heart surgery, according to the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton University. He had been on the faculty there since 1970.

Best known for his theories of culture and cultural interpretation, Geertz was considered a founder of interpretive, or symbolic, anthropology. But his influence extended far beyond anthropology to many of the social sciences, and his writing had a literary flair.

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english al jazeera to launch november 15th

The new channel, Al Jazeera International, is slated to debut Nov. 15. The station hopes to win over viewers from CNN and the BBC -- but it faces a difficult battle in convincing U.S. cable operators to carry its signal. No deals have yet been announced.

The English-language Web site of Al Jazeera will be relaunched simultaneously.

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Spanish-Language Media Expansion Surges

As in other aspects of life in the United States, Hispanics are having a substantial impact on media and advertising. As the Hispanic audience has swelled, so have both the quality and quantity of Spanish-language media outlets. The changes in the media market have followed the country's demographic evolution.

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viaLanguage packages set of Spanish language translation services

viaLanguage, a leading language translation and localization agency, has introduced a set of services designed to help businesses and marketers communicate better with Spanish-speaking consumers. This set of language translation services packages the distinctive capabilities of the viaLanguage Online Language System with translation memory services and viaLanguageā€™s unique Cultural Adaptation offering. The Online Language System helps customers easily submit, track and manage their language translation jobs, while translation memory services ensure fast and consistent translations. Cultural adaptation services ensure that translated materials are culturally sensitive and apropos in addition to being linguistically accurate. Packaging these language translation services together provides customers with the fastest, most precise language translations available.

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word of the day: fillip

fillip \FIL-uhp\, noun:
1. A snap of the finger forced suddenly from the thumb; a smart blow.
2. Something serving to rouse or excite; a stimulus.
3. A trivial addition; an embellishment.
transitive verb:
1. To strike with the nail of the finger, first placed against the ball of the thumb, and forced from that position with a sudden spring; to snap with the finger.
2. To snap; to project quickly.
3. To urge on; to provide a stimulus, by or as if by a fillip.

If any one in Mirgorod gives him a neckerchief or underclothes, he returns thanks; if any one gives him a fillip on the nose--he returns thanks then also. -- Nikolai Gogol, "The Tale of How Ivan Ivanovich Quarrelled with Ivan Nikiforovich"

You may take your coffee of a morning in the little garden in which he wrote finis to his immortal work -- and if the coffee is good enough to administer a fillip to your fancy, perhaps you may yet hear the faint reverberation among the trees of the long, long breath with which he must have laid down his pen. -- Henry James, Collected Travel Writings

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