Monday, October 24, 2005 hold 3rd conference in krakow's third conference is being held from Fri 25 - Sat 26 Nov 2005 in Krakow, Poland. The two days of presentations, training sessions, group discussions and networking, will all take part in the unique atmosphere of Kraków, a city of artists, bohemians, historical architecture and famous nightlife.

The event will feature industry speakers and members discussing issues of importance to translators and interpreters, including techniques, technologies, business issues and more.

It will be held at the Hotel System, Al. 29 Listopada 189, 31-241 Kraków, Poland.

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New Culture Risk Assessment Tool

Working Values Ltd., a developer of values-based ethics and compliance training programs, today introduced two new Web-based assessment tools to help organizations assess and address their integrity risks:
1) The Ethics Risk Assessment(tm) reveals how well your organization is managing critical integrity and antifraud behaviors that determine the effectiveness of an ethics and compliance program; and
2) The Culture Risk Assessment(tm) helps close behavior gaps by creating an objective snapshot of the values underlying employee behavior, making it possible to translate qualitative values into an objective action plan.

The Culture Risk Assessment (CRA), a tool similar to Argonaut an online intercultural training package used by Kwintessential, helps translate soft qualitative data on values into quantitative data that can be reported internally and externally; provides a baseline measurement for monitoring changes in organizational culture; and helps measure the resources available to the organization to meet its integrity goals.

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the challenges to diversity recruitment

An interesting survey by Monster has shown that almost half of job candidates from ethnic minorities do not highlight their background when job hunting.

One section of the survey showed that many job seekers have different attitudes as to whether or not to self-identify during the recruiting process. Key findings included:
* 43% of minority job seekers (African Americans, Hispanics and Asians) view their ethnicity as a disadvantage when applying for a job;
* More African-Americans, 59%, consider it a disadvantage, compared with 31% of Hispanics, and 39% of Asian-Americans, who consider it a disadvantage.
* 47% do not highlight their ethnicity when applying for a job; and
* 56% expressed concern about being hired because of their ethnicity as opposed to their abilities.

"The data reveals a groundbreaking shift in the world of diversityrecruiting. Today's diverse job seekers want to know that they got ajob because of talent, not race. Many are reluctant to address ethnicity when pursuing a job if they believe that their race maybecome the primary reason for being considered," said Steve Pemberton,Vice President, Diversity and Inclusion, Monster.

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ethnic minority women face 'gaping chasm'

Women from ethnic minority groups face what has been described as a 'gaping chasm' between themselves and their white counterparts.

A report by The Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) said many Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Black-Caribbean women under 35 have higher levels of education and training than white women but are four times more likely than white women to take a job at a lower level than the one they are qualified for.

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finnish tourist arrested for cross cultural blunder

Who needs intercultural awareness? An argument from us has been that tourists definetly need some intercultural knowledge before travelling abroad. (Read Who Needs Intercultural Awareness for more...)We dont like to say told you so, but another example of cross cultural ignorance was witnessed in India today as Indian police brought charges against a Finnish tourist for bathing naked in a holy lake in a Hindu pilgrim town!

Police said the tourist walked to her hotel in the nude after taking a dip in the lake in Pushkar in the desert state of Rajasthan on Saturday, angering several local people and priests. Although in her native Finland this may have been acceptable, in India this is pure indecency. The tourist could now face up to three months in jail under India's obscenity laws.

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china focuses on domestic market

A new report by the Economist Intelligence Unit reveals that Chinese employees returning from abroad are the least-used talent. New graduates are the favoured recruits by Chinese companies while 'returnees' from abroad are the least-used talent .

The report shows that most mainland Chinese companies plan to focus on their home market and see other local enterprises, not foreign rivals, as their real competition.

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free sports facilities for expats

In a move to strengthen ties between local employers and potential Chinese recrtuits, expatriate senior managers working in the Jinqiao Area can now take part in sports activities at no cost at the Shanghai Second Polytechnic University.

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FCO warning on hurricane wilma

The Foreign & Commonwealth Office today released the following travel information for those travelling or in the USA:
On Monday 24 October, Hurricane Wilma made landfall close to Cape Romano, Florida. Hurricane force winds are being felt in all areas south of Titusville on the east coast and Longboat Key on the west coast. Tornadoes are possible over much of central and southern Florida.
You should check news reports regularly and keep in touch with your local travel agent about how this might affect your travel plans. If you are in the area, heed advice from local authorities, and contact friends or relatives at an early stage to let them know your plans. For more information on Wilma, please visit the National Hurricane Centre and the FCO Factsheet: Hurricane Wilma. If you are concerned about British friends or relatives missing in the area affected by the hurricane, you can call the FCO emergency line on 0207 008 0000.

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writing german no longer necessary for citizenship

A landmark ruling today from Germany's administrative court has decided that an inability to write German may no longer be used as a reason to deny immigrants citizenship.

The ruling of the federal administrative court in Leipzig was delivered in the case of a Turkish man whose application for German citizenship was rejected because he failed German writing tests - even though 42-year-old Nihat M. speaks the language fluently and has been living in the country for 27 years.

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the simpsons - cross cultural makeover

Bart, Homer, Lisa, Marge and the baby (a.k.a The Simpsons) are going through a cross cultural makeover in order to appeal to a new audience in the Middle East.

Its new name, "Al Shamshoon", will be broadcast by Arab network MBC. However if MBC think it will just be a case of translating a few names they are mistaken. To take what is fundamentally an American show, based on US culture, sense of humour and communication styles, and to then expect it to work for an Arab audience is ambitious.

"Translating the show linguistically, as well as culturally, as well as socially so that it appeals to the audience that's watching it here, I think there's a lot of details that one has to pay attention to," said Nadia Rahman, a professor at the Zayed University Media Center in the United Arab Emirates. "How does the mother dress? How does the sister dress?"

It will be interesting to see hoe the show translates. MBC have already made an effort through a cross cultural assessment to make it more Arab friendly. MBC is making some changes as the characters go from American to Arab. They will remove references to things forbidden by the Koran, such as bacon, beer and other references that might be construed as offensive. Homer Simpson's ubiquitous "Duff" beer will now be soda in the Arab version of the show. Hot dogs will become Egyptian beef sausages, and donuts will become popular Arab cookies called 'kahk.' Moe's Bar has been completely written out of "Al Shamshoon."

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"leaders in dubai" to be translated into English & Arabic

Following feedback from last year's event, this year's International Leadership Summit, "Leaders in Dubai", will be broadcast simultaneously in English and Arabic.

The move is one demonstrating the increasing importance of interpretation in today's international climate.

Tina Schneidermann, president of the event organisers Leading Minds, said: 'Each leader will be heard in English and Arabic this year, to reflect an increasing number of Arab-speaking delegates from the GCC.'

Ten business and political headline names, such as FW de Klerk, Bill Cliton and Dr Mahathir bin Mohamad, will take part in the debate on leadership best practices at Leaders in Dubai, to be held on November 28 - 29 at Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai.

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new device allows police to speak in 9 languages

Ectaco, Inc. a company dealing in the development of electronic dictionaries, translators and linguistic software, has just launched a new version of the SpeechGuard® PD-4.

The translation device allows people to speak into the device and have phrases being instantly repeated in the language of their choice.

The device was designed with the police in mind. Based on consensus demand from over 200 law enforcement agencies in the US, Ectaco has increased the language set of the SpeechGuard® PD-4. PD-4 languages are now Spanish, Korean, Farsi, Arabic, Russian, Chinese (Mandarin), Vietnamese, Japanese and Polish.

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new Japanese-English/English-Japanese translation software

The NEC Corporation has announced that it has succeeded in developing a Japanese-English/English-Japanese automatic speech translation software. The translation software could be used by small devices such as mobile phones and be capable of operation at high speeds with low power consumption.

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ethnic minorities producing london's entrepreneurs

Britain's ethic minority population is churning out many of London's top entrepreneurs. A new study has shown that many new businesses are started by business savy youth from the UK's non-white population.

The Research from the London Development Agency (LDA), mayor Ken Livingstone's bureau for business and jobs, shows that 42% of the Capital's young business owners are non-white and 13% are non-British white, despite comprising less than a third of the population.

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word of the day: loquacious

loquacious \loh-KWAY-shuhs\, adjective:
1. Very talkative.
2. Full of excessive talk; wordy.

The meeting went on for hours, accommodating loquacious bores who were each allowed their say. --Andrew Sullivan, "Gay Life, Gay Death," The New Republic, December 17, 1990

In drawing a sharp contrast with the loquacious Ginsburg, her new lawyers appeared for just a few moments and said virtually nothing to reporters before retreating into the building. --Peter Baker, "Lewinsky Replaces Ginsburg," Washington Post, June 3, 1998

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