Thursday, September 22, 2005

cross cultural tips on azerbaijan and greece

Kwintessential have added two more resources to the site for business travellers, expats and anyone else visiting either Azerbaijan or Greece.

The country profile of Azerbaijan offers some key introductory points on areas such as language, social structure, religion, cultural values, social etiquette, business protocol and the like. To read more visit the Azerbaijan Country Profile.

The doing business in Greece guide is more of a quick reference for those going to Greece solely for business purposes. The guide offers some important guidelines on appropriate etiquette and protocol looking at the key areas of meeting & greeting, business meetings and negotiating. Read more at Doing Business in Greece.

PaintBox & Impact210 Create New Cross-Cultural Advertising Model

Impact210 and PaintBox advertising have entered an agreement together to create what Ad Age considers to be one of the next big ideas in specialized advertising.

With a partnership of cross-cultural specialists, PaintBox and Impact210 will craft non-traditional marketing communication programs that are relevant to consumers of the cross-cultural psychographic. Our mission is to promote cultural understanding, celebrate diversity and foster global harmony. We create a stronger connection between brands and trendsetters by offering real cultural benefits that change consumers' lives for the better.

Read more: Paintbox

philips france moves jobs to india and china

Philips Electronics NV is to fire 111 employees at its Philips France subsidiary and move the jobs to China and India, French trade union CFDT said.

The employees are currently working at the Philips Mobile Phones operations in Mans and Suresnes. The French Mobile Phones division currently employs 148 staff. According to union sources, Philips will offer the retrenched employees a social plan.

Read more: CFDT

australia's 1 million expats

The one million Australians overseas form one of the nation's greatest resources in finding its place in the global economy. Yet the most valuable expatriates are largely unknown.

Two valuable groups were identified by Michael Fullilove and Chloe Flutter in the Lowy Institute's report Diaspora, published last year. The first are leaders at the peak of their careers, such as Dow Chemical Company's chief executive, Andrew Liveris.

The second group - highly sskilled professionals, or gold-collar workers, who are just below those top positions - are less visible but just as important. They work in emerging economies and industries that require them to understand global value chains.

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uk's rich language diversity being wasted

Children in England speak at least 300 different languages between them, a study showed today. But the educational value and business potential of such diversity is being overlooked. CILT, the national centre for languages, found that the UK’s linguistic map was changing, and the number of community languages being used – ones other than English and Welsh – was on the increase.

Read more: CILT

asians increasingly learning korean

The number of applicants for the Korean proficiency test has surged to 26,569 this year from 17,545 last year due to a boom in Korean pop culture in Asia. According to the Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development, the Korean language is gaining popularity in Japan, China, Vietnam and other Asian countries.

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global markets and translation

The recently published book, "L’industria della traduzione: Realtà e prospective del mercato italiano," by Gianni Davico, addresses the language issues faced by businesses as a result of the increasing levels of trade among nations of the world. Davico’s book focuses specifically on the impact that globalization has made on the translation industry in Italy, while stressing the importance of communication across borders and cultures.

An excerpt from the author’s website reads, “As a result of globalization, much loved or hated, depending on one’s point of view, the importance of being able to communicate in different languages in order to do business with other countries has grown exponentially for companies. The translation industry is hence a market segment enjoying continuous expansion, as communication between different peoples has become a fundamental instrument to overcome the linguistic and cultural barriers dividing them.�?

Read more: Gianna Davico

State eyes uniformity in hospital translation services

Kids translating vital symptoms for their immigrant parents, untrained hospital staff interpreting for patients who can't speak English _ it's not unusual for translation services at hospitals to be haphazard and improvised out of necessity.

Now the US state Health Department wants to put in place regulations that would bring uniformity to a service some groups say could mean the difference between life and death. The regulations would require hospitals to provide translation services for its region's 20 most popular languages. Hospitals would also be required to conduct yearly assessments on the area's changing linguistics needs and post signs that offer translation services.

Read more: US HD The regulations would require hospitals to provide translation services for its region's 20 most popular languages. Hospitals would also be required to conduct yearly assessments on the area's changing linguistics needs and post signs that offer translation services.
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middle east launches own version of e-bay, the leading and most popular online community in the Arab world has launched, an auctions and marketplace website aimed at providing an efficient interface for the region’s buyers and sellers.

“ is a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week website that brings a host of unique facilities for buyers and sellers through an interface that specifically addresses the needs of the Middle East market,�? explained Ronaldo Mouchawar, CEO of “We have incorporated the best auction trends in to make it one of the most efficient, secure and reliable trading platforms in the region.�?

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dsl up 77% in india

India added 97,000 new DSL subscribers in the first half of 2005, bringing the total figure to 222,000- a growth of more than 77 percent, one of the highest in South-East Asia, according to the latest data produced for the DSL Forum by industry analyst Point Topic.

In terms of market penetration, currently 0.54% of all telephone lines (per 100 lines) deliver DSL services in India, the DSL forum said. While China leads the world with 21.230,000 DSL connections, South Korea leads in broadband Internet connections with 25.58 million subscribers.

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online gift sites popular in india

More and more consumers are increasingly turning online to shopping portals. Gifts were among the first products to be offered online by shopping sites. Gifts acting as impulse buys were the key drivers in the initial e-commence initiative and continue to bring buyers, sellers and distributors to transcend geographical boundaries.

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word of the day: adventitious

adventitious \ad-ven-TISH-uhs\, adjective:
1. Added extrinsically; not essentially inherent.
2. (Biology) Out of the proper or usual place; as, "adventitious buds or roots."

The snag is that the play's inflamed and adventitious topicality may distract people from the timelessness of its deepest concerns. --Paul Taylor, "Afghanistan mon amour," Independent, December 15, 2001

I want first to argue that Nietzsche's contempt for democracy was an adventitious extra, inessential to his overall philosophical outlook. --Richard Rorty, "Pragmatism as Romantic Polytheism"

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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

remember: in india don't kiss the bride!

An Israeli couple was fined 1,000 rupees after an Indian court found them guilty of obscenity for kissing during their marriage ceremony in a Hindu pilgrim town, newspapers reported Wednesday.

The couple had decided to have a traditional Hindu marriage while visiting Pushkar town earlier this month in the temple-studded desert state of Rajasthan, The Times of India reported. But they infuriated the priest as they started to kiss and embrace while he was chanting vedic hymns.

The priest, along with other Hindu holy men, complained to police, who filed charges against the couple.

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working across the time zone

Ebele Okobi-Harris is a one-woman expatriate show in Europe for Catalyst. Okobi-Harris is Catalyst's only expatriate employee and works out of Amsterdam, juggling business trips, lunch meetings, conference calls, and other scheduling challenges to promote her organisation to prospective clients.

With a six-hour time difference between Catalyst's New York headquarters and Amsterdam the senior associate often works into the night so she can talk with her colleagues. Often, she's exhausted.

People never remember what time zone you're in," says Okobi-Harris. "I decided that I was going to make up my own schedule. I wanted to be available to our European clients and have meetings in Europe but didn't want to be in a position where I missed the [US] West Coast."

Read more: Time Zone
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paying lip service to diversity undermining valuable work

Some of Europe's largest corporations have undermined attempts to increase the number of women and ethnic minorities they recruit to senior management posts because they talk about the subject but fail to take any action.

Candidates are understandably cynical and disillusioned when they see diversity issues taken up as a way to comply with guidelines on corporate social responsibility rather than to genuinely change the business, says Catherine Ferrant, vice president of diversity and accountability at French oil company Total. She argues talking about diversity from this single angle generates more scepticism than enthusiasm.

Read more: Diversity

super-diversity in the UK

How is immigration changing the face of modern Britain? One of the country's leading experts on migration explains what the BBC's Born Abroad project, published this month, reveals about the country - and what it means for integration.

Read more: Diversity
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Spain forced to provide expat healthcare

A European Court of Justice ruling is forcing the struggling Spanish healthcare system to provide treatment for the rising number of foreign residents. As prime minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero's Socialist government faces a political crisis over the rising costs of free healthcare for new arrivals, the ruling will be less than welcome.

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English4Today launches Free syndicated English language resources

English4Today has released the latest version of its 'English Language Pack' - a suite of syndicated English language resources which can easily be plugged into websites. The Pack provides a full English Grammar, Guide to Punctuation, Guide to Writing, Vocabualry Builder and Online English Tests.

English4Today has released a free, syndicated version of the Pack which website owners can add directly to public parts of their websites.

Read more: English4Today

translation marathon surpasses expectations

The translation marathon that started in the Foundation Metamorphosis’ premises in Skopje ended on Sunday afternoon after 56 hours. Almost 70 volunteers from all over Macedonia participated in the marathon organised by the Free Software Macedonia and the Foundation Metamorphosis.

“The number of people interested in participate in the marathon has surpassed our expectations. We have also finished the translation of the user interface faster than expected, so we continue to translate the Help file,�? said Arangel Angov, Free Software Macedonia.

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china's internet stocks - a debate

Two high-profile veterans of the late 1990s Internet-stock craze recently weighed in on China's online sector. The views could hardly have been more at odds.

Mary Meeker, who follows Internet stocks for Morgan Stanley, is bullish on China's Net stocks. Meeker recently started coverage of the group with an 'attractive' rating. She cites cheap valuations and expected robust annual revenue growth of 25% to 40% for the next several years.

Henry Blodget, the former Merrill Lynch analyst who, prior to joining Merrill, set a market-shaking $400 price target for, is a skeptic. "For small investors, I can imagine almost no scenario in which owning these (Chinese Internet) stocks would make sense, the exception being pure speculation."

Read more: China

algeria hits 1 million internet users

The number of internet cafes in Algeria has multiplied tenfold in the past five years moving from 500 in 1999 to 6,000 in 2005, according to the recent statistics published by the Vocational Distance Learning Establishment (EEPAD).

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word of the day: capitulate

capitulate \kuh-PICH-uh-layt\, intransitive verb:
To surrender under agreed conditions

Just before peace talks on Kosovo are due to resume, the United States and its allies are sending contradictory signals to Belgrade, making it less likely that President Slobodan Milosevic of Yugoslavia will capitulate on American terms. --Steven Erlanger, "West's Bosnia Move May Hurt Kosovo Bid," New York Times, March 7, 1999

I am ashamed to think how easily we capitulate to badges and names. ----Ralph Waldo Emerson, 'Self-Reliance'

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