Friday, September 16, 2005

Leadership & Diversity Awards

The importance of the role of Met staff in working to make London communities safer has been recognised this week at the GG2 Leadership and Diversity Awards.

Chief Inspector John Sutherland based at Hammersmith and Fulham won the Police Community Award because of the strong community and partner relationships he has developed. With thirteen years policing experience, CI Sutherland works closely with partner agencies and community groups to address concerns and develop practical solutions.

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shanghai zoo wants tiger loving expat

The Shenzhen Safari Park is looking for an expatriate to join a five-member volunteer group to fly to Shanghai and escort two South China Tigers back to the city from Sept. 22 to 25.

°We'd like to invite an expatriate working and living in the city who has a special love for tigers to join us, which will make the trip more exciting and interesting," project manager Huang said.

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catalan to get .ca domain name

The internet's key oversight agency has approved a domain name for the Catalan language. Creating the .cat suffix for individuals, organisations and companies that promote the Catalan language and culture was relatively uncontroversial. Though the language is spoken largely in certain regions of Spain, backers say a domain name could unify Catalan speakers who live in France, Italy, Andorra and elsewhere. The name could begin appearing in use next year.

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microsoft to begin albanian editions

Kosovo Prime Minister, Bajram Kosumi and Silviu Hotaran, General Manager Microsoft South East Europe discussed yesterday for the possibilities of further development of relationships between “Microsoft�? and Kosovo Government, including as the first step the immediate application of Windows XP in Albanian language.

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SuccessFactors Spans the Continents with New Global Language Capability

SuccessFactors, Inc., the leader in workforce performance management technology, today announced new, increased global language support for the company's highly rated Workforce Performance Management software. The new functionality increases the number of languages supported and encompasses the numerous modules -- Performance Manager, Succession Planning, Compensation Planning, 360 Degree Review, and Total Goal Management -- included in the company's technology suite. SuccessFactors has introduced this advanced level of language functionality to support the company's 750,000 users from 240 different customers with offices located in 101 countries around the world.

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baidu shares lose value

BAIDU.COM lost almost $1 billion (£548 million) of its market value yesterday as Wall Street gave warning that the Chinese internet search engine company was overvalued by as much as 60 per cent.

The shares plunged more than 25 per cent on the Nasdaq stock market, from $113.59 each to less than $85 in late trade, as both Goldman Sachs and Piper Jaffray rated it “underperform�?.

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chinese government warn of excessive internet use

The Chinese government has helped produce a film to warn kids of the dangers of excessive internet use. According to the China Daily, the flick, “Internet Teenagers", shows a teacher coach a group of problem children who also happen to be "high-tech geniuses in the dangers of the Internet.

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word of the day: hauteur

hauteur \haw-TUR; (h)oh-\, noun:
Haughty manner, spirit, or bearing; haughtiness; arrogance.

[M]y silence, I hoped, would be taken as expressive of the hauteur of a man who was above it all -- a man with a mission, in fact, a mission authorized from somewhere on high. --Jeffrey Tayler, Facing the Congo

Sheikhs and presidents have often heard little about the royal family's follies, and don't object to the hauteur and self-importance that remain its inextinguishable traits. --Hugo Young, "Blair and the Queen," The Guardian, April 10, 2001

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