Monday, September 12, 2005

Religious Stereotyping Harms Global Peace

Mohammedmian Soomro, Chairman of the Pakistani Senate, stressed on Friday the need for parliaments to forge close partnership to help prevent cultural stereotyping and religious defamation.

Speaking at the Second World Conference of Speakers of Parliaments, he said that at this sensitive juncture, cultural stereotyping and defamation of religions can seriously undermine all efforts and initiatives aimed at promoting harmony and understanding among cultures and civilizations.

"National parliaments should develop closer partnerships to prevent pernicious attempts to link violent acts of isolated individuals with any specific religion, region or culture," he said, stressing this is critical for global peace and security.

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brit expats stay put after katrina

Families are still desperately awaiting news of Britons still missing in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. But in New Orleans, BBC News found British expats determined to stay in the city they now call home.
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Bizspeak is an important foreign language today

There's a lot of talk in the US business world, most of it in English, that the next generation of workers should be required to know a foreign language.

Educators, using government grants, have studied this issue for years. They've hired consultants, written 'papers,' conducted hearings, organized seminars, scheduled a few snow days and dined at fancy restaurants until they forgot about the whole thing. That is, until the next report came out that showed U.S. schoolchildren score behind the Chinese on standardized tests.

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malay gets 17,000 new terms

Some 17,000 new terminologies were adopted at the 5-day 19th Specialist Conference of Language Council of Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia and Malaysia (MABBIM) that ended Friday in Tutong in an effort to enrich and augment the Malay language.
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ABC targets hispanic audience

Hoping to lure some of the burgeoning Latino market to its wares, ABC says it will offer the hit 'Lost' and all of its prime-time entertainment programming in Spanish this season, reports.

Four shows -- the returning dramas 'Lost' and "Desperate Housewives" and comedies "George Lopez" and 'Freddie' -- will be dubbed into Spanish, as will some specials and showings of theatrical movies. The remainder of ABC's shows will be closed-captioned in Spanish.

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macedonian translation marathon

Next weekend, on September 16, 17 and 18 Foundation Metamorphosis and Free Software Macedonia organise translation marathon for open source software localisation that would last for 54 hours in the Foundation Metamorphosis' premises.

Localisation marathon is planned as gathering of volunteers that would completely translate 2.0 from English into Macedonian by translating part of the software.

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India's internet favourites

According to JuxtConsult, an online survey of 30,000 Internet users in India revealed that Yahoo!, Google, and eBay topped the list of most visited sites in the subcontinent with a population of about one billion.

The research company said Yahoo! was the choice website for communication services like email and instant messaging, commanding 38% of the emailing population and 74% of instant messaging clients. Google is by far the king of search in India commanding 75% of generic searches, while eBay remains the premiere online shopping portal with 44% of respondents exhibiting loyalty.

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word of the day: ostentation

ostentation \os-ten-TAY-shuhn\, noun:
Excessive or pretentious display; boastful showiness.

In a city where the wealthy are known for ostentation, many are now buying low-profile economy cars to fool kidnappers and thieves. --Anthony Faiola, "Brazil's Elites Fly Above Their Fears," Washington Post, June 1, 2002

After his marriage, when Francis finally had enough money to indulge his tastes, his extravagance and ostentation in matters of dress frequently occasioned comment. --Lisa Jardine and Alan Stewart, Hostage to Fortune

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