Wednesday, August 30, 2006

In unfamiliar land, expats get help to fit in

Stress management for expatriates barely existed 20 years ago when Danish psychologist Kirsten Hogh Thogersen first moved to China.

Few Westerners lived here, and even fewer foreign psychologists were available to help them cope with the pressures of living and working in the country. "When I decided to set up a clinic here for foreigners, there was none in China or, to my knowledge, even in the whole of Asia," Thogersen said.

"Now there is a big need. It's incredibly more difficult to live life as an expat than to live in your home environment. The stress of settling down somewhere else can be enormous. I often see people break down with depression as a result of the stress and challenges of an international lifestyle."

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cultural diversity in the news

How do you view TV news coverage of the alleged airline bomb plot, the current debate on immigration, or the story of the Stornoway girl allegedly taken to a forced marriage in Pakistan?

I often hear criticism that our news programmes are produced by a white middle-class newsroom, for a white middle-class audience. And I often find myself agreeing - at least in part.

But I do know that ITV News, and the other main news broadcasters, are now making serious efforts to put that right. The issue of diversity in TV news can be assessed, and addressed, in three main areas.

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EU struggles to save on language costs

It would be undemocratic for MEPs to be required to speak foreign languages, but they should be aware how much interpretation costs - even when they do not show up for meetings, argues Finnish deputy Alexander Stubb.

His forthcoming report - to be voted on next week in Strasbourg - criticises the EU institutions for wasting interpretation money due to bad planning. With 21 official languages in the EU institutions, interpretation eats up less than one percent of the total bloc's budget and Mr Stubb comments, "if that's what it takes for us to understand each other in a sensible way, let's go ahead and pay for it."

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Internet Game That Teaches Chinese Ethics

Shanda, a major gaming company based in Shanghai, China, has been tapped by the government to create the Internet game "Chinese Heroes."

Zhuge Hui, a spokesman for Shanda, says development on the game began in September 2005. It will showcase 100 national heroes, from ancient generals to members of the Communist Party of China. "Chinese Heroes" is aimed at infusing young gamers with traditional Chinese values, such as altruism and patriotism.

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word of the day: requisite

requisite \REK-wuh-zit\, adjective:
1. Required by the nature of things or by circumstances; indispensable.
1. That which is required or necessary; something indispensable.

Those with the requisite talents made drawings and watercolors of the birds, the flowers, the untouched landscapes that unfolded before them. -- Barbara Crossette, The Great Hill Stations of Asia

In this way, 2,156 buildings were laboriously hoisted, a quarter of an inch at a turn, until they reached the requisite height and new foundations could be built beneath them. -- Cornelia Dean, Against the Tide

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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Event: Why British business can't afford to ignore Europe

UKTI event to help reveal opportunities...

The secrets of how to make the most of business opportunities provided by the Single European Market will be divulged to South West companies at a free event in Dorset next month.

The seminar, organised by UK Trade & Investment and the Ferndown Business Forum at Ferndown Industrial Estate on 7 September, will highlight the potential of the Single European Market to local companies. The SEM comprises of a population of 380 million and accounts for almost 40% of world trade.

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Hospitality employers split over banning migrant staff from new accession states

Hospitality employers remain divided over whether there should be a blanket ban on Bulgarian and Romanian immigrants working in the UK when the two countries join the European Union next year.

British Hospitality Association (BHA) chief executive Bob Cotton called for a temporary ban on the two states after a BHA survey found 70% of London's 300,000-strong hospitality workforce already comes from overseas.

It also revealed that 80% of workers in the capital's top 25 hotels are from abroad, reports Personnel Today's sister title Caterer & Hotelkeeper magazine.

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The Cultural Significance of Color

When designing packaging, web sites or marketing materials being used for different cultural groups you should consider colors and their meanings to those targeted. Color has different meaning through out the world and research should always be conducted before presenting products or web site worldwide.

China - symbol of celebration and luck, used in many cultural ceremonies that range from funerals to weddings.
India - color of purity (used in wedding outfits).
United States - Christmas color when combined with green; Valentines Day when combined with pink; indicates stop (danger) at traffic lights.
Eastern cultures - signifies joy when combined with white.

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hurricane names reflect move away from english domination

Ernesto will have a little ethnic company in upcoming years. Humberto, Pablo and Cristobal are on future name rosters for hurricanes and tropical storms in the Atlantic -- not to mention Chantal, Nana, Gaston, Omar and Henri.

"Over the years, the names started out primarily Anglo-Saxon for Atlantic hurricanes. Now they reflect the diversity of the affected regions, with names originating from English, Spanish, French and Dutch, primarily," said Frank Lepore, spokesman for the Florida-based National Hurricane Center (NHC) yesterday.

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Korea - world's third largest Internet population

Korea has the world's third largest Internet population following Iceland and Sweden. According to the National Statistical Office, out of every 100 Koreans, 66 are Internet users. This compares with Iceland's 77 and Sweden's 75. The report by the NSO is based on findings for the year 2004 by the International Telecommunication Union, an organization that seeks to standardize and regulate international radio and telecommunications.

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word of the day: sui generis

sui generis \soo-eye-JEN-ur-us; soo-ee-\, adjective:
Being the only example of its kind; constituting a class of its own; unique.

This man, in fact, was sui generis, a true original. -- Ruth Lord, Henry F. du Pont and Winterthur

They're a special case, a category of their own, sui generis. -- Eric Kraft, Leaving Small's Hotel

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