Thursday, August 25, 2005

doing business in ecuador

The nature of international business today demands companies send employees across the world for meetings, presentations and negotiations. Success on the international stage requires a number of attributes, one of them being cross cultural communication skills. Understanding and appreciating how to do business in a foreign country helps one make a good impression, build stronger relationships and ultimately become more successful.

This guide to doing business in Ecuador offers some basic pointers to areas such as business culture, protocol and etiquette. However, one should always take such “dos and don’ts�? as guidelines. They are by no means applicable to every person you will meet in Ecuador. The guide simply highlights some key areas for consideration when doing business in Ecuador.

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UK executives spend 70 days a year on foreign business trips

Business travellers spend 67.8 days every year on work trips, more than three times the amount of annual leave taken by the average UK worker, research reveals. A survey of 200 senior executives, by pollster NOP, shows that business people take an average of 12.9 flights per year for work, with the average trip lasting 5.2 days.
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Expats enthused over lifting of 6-month ban in UAE

The breaking news by Khaleej Times on the scrapping of the 6-month immigration ban for expatriates cancelling their residence visas or quitting their jobs spread like wildfire among residents yesterday. Groups of expatriates could be seen deep in discussion, at offices and cafes, debating the issue and the inevitable impact it will have on the employment scenario in the country.
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cameron wants to curb ethnic language translations

Government bodies and councils should limit the use of ethnic minority languages on everything from official documents to parking meters to help to encourage immigrants to learn English, David Cameron, the Conservative leadership hopeful said yesterday.

In a controversial speech that positioned him firmly on the party's centre-Right, the 38-year-old education spokesman argued that the increasing use of foreign languages such as Hindi, Bengali, and Urdu in public settings was undermining English culture.

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red cross launches spanish site

Today the American Red Cross launches a new Spanish-language Web site, which offers Spanish speakers user-friendly access to critical preparedness information, news and an overview of services provided by the Red Cross. Featuring a new look and feel specifically geared towards Hispanic culture, the site has garnered the support of well-known celebrities, including Juanes, Emilio Estefan and Thalia.

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Big drop in GCSE language students

Exam chiefs have voiced serious concerns over the sharp drop in the number of GCSE students taking modern languages.

French and German were the biggest casualties of all the major subjects, with the number of exam entries in 2005 down 14.4% and 13.7% respectively since last year. The figures were even lower in the year-long language GCSE Short Courses, where numbers dropped by 49.8% in German and 42% in French.

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Call Centers and Multicultural Marketing

Studies have shown that customers are much more comfortable doing business using their native language, and that customer satisfaction and retention levels benefit when customers can use their primary language to communicate.
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Demand for Spanish Language News Content Rising Rapidly

The NewsMarket, the leading platform for aggregating and distributing video content over the Internet, experienced a sharp rise in the number of journalists registrations and media requests from Hispanic news outlets in the US.

The growth is fueled by the expansion in the number of local television stations affiliated with Hispanic networks and the size of the Hispanic community within the US. In five years the number of local Hispanic TV stations in the U.S. grew by 56% from 87 stations to 151.

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Translation needed for survival of humanity in globalisation era

Translation is of utmost urgency for the survival of humanity in the globalisation era, feels eminent Urdu Poet Karamat Ali Karamat.

The act of translation had been playing a vital role in the development of human civilization from the early age of Aristotle and Plato upto the present computer age. Honoured by Urdu Academies in Bihar, Orissa and Uttar Pradesh, the scholar observed that ''Without the use of Hindu-Arabic numerals in the West, development of modern science upto the present age of Information and Technology would have been impossible''.

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Language123 launch translation blog

Language123, the translation marketplace, has proudly announced the introduction of a new feature to its Premium members: the Language123 Blog, an online journal where translators and interpreters can post their articles, ideas, experiences and thoughts around the translation industry.
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word of the day: peccadillo

peccadillo \peck-uh-DIL-oh\, noun:
A slight offense; a petty fault.

No peccadillo is too trivial: we learn that the mogul once blew his top because his laundry came back starched ("'Fluff and fold!' he screamed"). --Eric P. Nash, "High Concept," New York Times, May 10, 1998

And besides, "what do they say? 'Don't judge lest you be judged.' Everybody has their peccadilloes." -- "Tyson has a friend in his corner," Irish Times, October 21,1999

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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

cultural training for indian it workers

At a software development facility in Bangalore, trainer Saparna Jain is filming a conversation among Indian software engineers that she will play back to them with tips for improvement.

"Indians often do not look others in the eye, and that is often misunderstood by their customers or colleagues abroad as a lack of interest in the conversation," said Jain, who runs TrainCraft, which trains software staff on "soft skills," such as communicating effectively with colleagues and customers in the U.S., the U.K., and other countries.

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Study Shows Asians And North Americans Think Differently

Researchers find Asians and North Americans see the world differently. Shown a photograph, North American students of European background paid more attention to the object in the foreground of a scene, while students from China spent more time studying the background and taking in the whole scene.

University of Michigan researchers, led by Hannah-Faye Chua and Richard Nisbett, tracked the eye movements of the students — 25 European Americans and 27 native Chinese — to determine where they were looking in a picture and how long they focused on a particular area.

Nisbett says, "They literally are seeing the world differently." He believes the differences are cultural.

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david cameron calls for cross cultural exchanges

Schoolchildren should go on cultural exchanges, like the traditional language trip abroad, to help them learn about other cultures within the UK, the Conservatives' shadow education secretary, David Cameron, said today.

In a speech on extremism at the Foreign Policy Centre in London today, in which he likened Islamist extremists to Nazis, Mr Cameron also argued that schools should be at the heart of instilling the right values in young people.

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TUC urges action on Muslim plight

Muslim communities in Britain have faced too many "cheap calls to integrate" since last month's London bomb attacks and should instead receive increased government funding to tackle widespread poverty and poor health, the TUC leader, Brendan Barber, said yesterday.

Publishing a report saying that people of Pakistani and Bangladeshi origin are among the most deprived in the UK, Mr Barber warned that greater social inclusion was being jeopardised by high levels of poverty that risked potentially fuelling extremist beliefs.

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EU accession states provide 250,000 workers to fill UK skills gaps

Almost 250,000 workers from the EU accession states have come to the UK looking for work in the past year, according to the latest Home Office figures.

This is 19 times the 13,000 workers the Home Office originally estimated would arrive each year. The figures show that between May 2004 and July this year 232,000 people came to the UK looking for work from the accession states. More than half of these workers were from Poland and were in their 20s.

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google ahead in machine translation tests

Search giant Google's ambitions to make the Web more international has gotten a slight boost from a U.S. government-run test in which its translation software beat out technology from IBM and academia.

Google scored the highest in Arabic-to-English and Chinese-to-English translation tests conducted by the National Institute of Science and Technology. Each test consisted of translating 100 articles from Agence France Presse and the Xinhua News Agency dated from Dec. 1, 2004, to Jan. 24, 2005. The results were posted earlier this month

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learn german in welsh

Swansea University is offering language degree students the chance to study German, French or Spanish - in Welsh. With language courses around the UK struggling to recruit students as the numbers taking French and German at A-level plummets, Swansea has become the only university in Wales to offer this option.

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enlaso to host webinar

ENLASO Corporation, a provider of translation and localization solutions, today announced that it will present a live Web seminar September 1st, 2005, titled "Successful Documentation Localization Management - Part II."

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Metrology company launches Dutch website

A nice example of a company using a website translation to consolidate its presence in a foreign country is that of world leading metrology and spectroscopy company Renishaw.They have launched a new Dutch language website to support the growth of its customer base in the Netherlands.

Visitors to the site will also be able to download a range of Dutch language brochures, data sheets, news articles and technical articles.

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chinese understand their internet market best

Banc of America Securities held a conference call about the Chinese Internet market last Friday with Harry Tsao, a co-founder of In a conversation with analyst John Janedis, Tsao noted that local players have an edge.

Tsao said Chinese players have been able to tailor their offerings to meet consumer demand better than foreign players such as eBay which have simply recycled their business models. Banc of America said Tsao specifically noted the success of Taobao, the auction site owned by Alibaba, in which Yahoo! has bought a 40% economic stake. Taobao has attracted users away from eBay "using a pricing and differentiated service strategy."

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